Spiritual Retreat, Northern Ontario

Our Spiritual Retreat is a sanctuary devoid of stress, responsibility, or facades allowing you to discover who you really are and what you really want without external pressures from the "real world" convincing you to be someone you're not.

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What People Are Saying About Our Spiritual Retreat

Jason Price's experience at Spiritual Retreat

Jason Price

"The exercises and activities at Retreat have helped me reaffirm what's important for me in life, how I define success, how I can create happiness for myself, and strengthen my relationship with myself. It's helped me increase my spirituality, and these are tools I can take home to my healthcare practice and with my wife and kids.

Thank you!"

Stephanie Johnston's experience at Spiritual Retreat

Stephanie Johnston

"I've learned a lot about myself, what I can accomplish and how it can come all from me. I don't need to rely on anyone else. I can change myself, and change the world and it can all come from me.

I've learned a lot about how I can commit to different things in my life, my business, my relationships, and give my whole self to everything that I do. 

I'm very excited to take this knowledge back to the city and put it to work.

It's been a great experience, I would definitely come back and I would one hundred percent recommend this to anyone else."

Rob Green's experience at Spiritual Retreat

Rob Green

"This is my second time at Retreat, and to feel the difference from last year was absolutely amazing. 

If you're looking to change, and you're looking for proof that it can help you in whatever you're searching for, I can assure you this has an immediate impact and has lasting change for you."

Vanessa Reynolds experience at our Spiritual Retreat

Vanessa Reynolds

"It has been 2 years since I attended Spiritual Retreat. 

It is difficult to put into words the depth of which my experience there has touched and continues to touch my life. Often I look back upon the changes that have occurred in my life since the retreat and realize later that it was my experience there that allowed the changes to happen. 

While attending the retreat I was surrounded by men and women who accepted me without judgment and surrounded me with love, allowing a more authentic version of myself to be present for the weekend. Barriers around me started to come down just by being in their presence. By the end of the weekend I began to see myself in a different light. 

As time passes, I notice I am able to honour myself more, meaning I am holding myself in higher regard. I am able to make and keep commitments to myself more easily. I am more at peace, which in turn means my home life is more peaceful. I am nicer to myself, my family and my children. 

I am grateful that I took the time away so that I could be a better mom, a better chiropractor, and a better person to myself and others. I am grateful for the love and acceptance of the men and women at the retreat. If I thanked them a million times, it still wouldn't be enough. 

Thank you!"

Blake Broker's experience with us at Spiritual Retreat

Blake Broker

"I will try to convey how amazing my experience with Dr. Tom Preston and his camp was. 

The environment is a return to nature which penetrates the artificial world that has been created for us to live in. 

It is an experience that can't be replicated in a hotel seminar room. The group of people varies every time which creates a different experience every weekend. 

Dr. Tom and the people assisting are participants and facilitators rather than lecturers. The exercises are designed to maximize the benefit of the surroundings for you to tap into your authentic self. 

By far it was the most spiritual weekend of my life. 

As I returned home, my wife and children saw a different me. I would like to give you more details but often that leads to expectations. 

With expectations you will build up blocks to tapping into your authentic self."

Where Is Retreat Held?

We meet in North Bay, Ontario on the first evening of Retreat. 

You'll get into North Bay and stay in a hotel so we have everyone in one easy location to start the festivities bright and early.

For a quick glance, feel free to check the map of our first meeting location:

When Is The Next Retreat?

2018 Dates To Be Determined

We start bright and early on Friday morning, so it's mandatory that you're in North Bay on Thursday evening. We cannot start the program until everyone is together.

The Spiritual Retreat will conclude mid-afternoon, giving ample time for the attendees to drive to the North Bay airport, Toronto airport, or drive back home. 

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What's Included In Retreat?

Lodging: Your sleeping arrangements are taken care of for the duration of your stay (with the exception of the hotel room Thursday night).

Food: All meals are provided (please let us know if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions in advance).

Travel: Organized transportation within the Retreat time frame (Friday through Sunday). Transportation to North Bay, ON and back home is not covered.

Other: All homework and exercises, as well as the tools needed to complete them will be provided. No need to bring a computer.

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