The Full Circle

Mystery Caller Experience

Phone calls into your office are still one of the main ways small business gets clients. How well does your team do it? How much money are you leaving on the table? Want to find out?

Get a professional unbiased insight into the tonality, flow, conviction, efficiency and knowledge of your “sales team” so you can increase the number of callers that convert into NEW paying clients.

Just one phone call away!

Here’s How the New Client Mystery Call Will Work:

  • Once you click the button below and the Full Circle team receives your investment, you will see a questionnaire with some information we need from you.

  • Within 24 hours of receiving that information, we will send you an email with the general date and time range we intend to call your office disguised as a new client.

  • Our Professional Team Trainer will call the office to book an appointment, meanwhile taking diligent notes on our custom ScoreCard and Report of Findings.

  • We will call back to cancel this appointment or order, but not until the following day. This gives us a chance to (possibly) assess two different members of your team – depending on your staff situation.

  • Once we’ve finished our Report of Findings, we will promptly schedule a time to review the data with you over the phone. This way you can gain new insights into areas of strength and opportunity from our professional unbiased perspective.

  • The Report Of Findings will be mailed to you afterwards so you have the file on hand and can review it with your staff. You will also receive the Score Card and after the follow up coaching call.

This has the potential to put thousands of dollars into your revenue

simply by increasing the certainty and confidence of client calls AND cancellations.

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