The Full Circle WHY

I know there is an organizational matrix of intelligence in the Universe. I happen to call it God for convenience: Grand Organizational Design.

I know there is a fractal of that intelligence in all things I know that each thing in the Universe, living and inanimate alike has a purpose for why they exist.
I know that each of these things has an inborn desire to express that purpose so it can fulfill its reason for existing.

The Grand Organizing Design structured it so that when each and every aspect of creation is fulfilling its purpose optimally there is flow, equilibrium, and homeostasis on a micro and macro level.

Full Circle as a collective exists to help people become aware of this way of viewing the world. Full Circle exists to help people connect with their why, their purpose in creation and help them fulfill their role with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness possible.

By manifesting this and filling the why of its existence, Full Circle as a company will help people become more fulfilled, more inspired, more loving and more joyous in their outlook and actions.

On a macro level, this increase in individual joy, love, inspiration and fulfillment will lead to more family love, joy, inspiration and fulfillment. This will lead to more societal love, joy, inspiration and fulfillment.

This will lead to less family, societal and cultural distress, leading to less time, energy and money needed to be invested by families, communities, organizations, businesses and governments to re-establish flow, equilibrium and homeostasis.

These time, energy and money savings can then be re-invested in other growth and contribution based activities and programs to help sustain the micro and macro level of flow, order, homeostasis and equilibrium which is the way the Grand Organizing Design structured it to be.

The Mission

To awaken individuals to the power of authentic expression and help them realize their full potential, personally and professionally.

The Vision

To inspire 1,000,000 people to live and express more authentically in the next decade!
We lead conscious entrepreneurs from current circumstance to their authentic definition of “success”.

The Values

Integrity – We walk our talk and lead by example in our personal and professional lives by connecting to and expressing from our authentic selves.

Listen – We listen carefully before taking action whether interacting with clients, team members, vendors or prospects.

Commitment/Accountability – We take complete responsibility for our own actions and outcomes and commit to doing things optimally because we realize that our individual performance directly affects our business, and each other.

Creativity – We focus on maximizing productivity and efficiency by thinking out of the box and being creative in our thoughts, words and actions.

Teamwork – We value teamwork and respect each other’s strengths and enjoy collaborating and working together to produce synergistic results.   

Exceed Expectations – We WOW our clients and each other by exceeding the expectations of everyone who interacts with our organization with passion and enthusiasm.

Gratitude/Fun – We believe that gratitude, appreciation and joy are a balanced way of being and we choose to bring these into our daily activities and the culture that we create.

Health and Well-Being – We believe in the benefits of a healthy, mind, body and spirit and exert energy every day towards achieving and maintaining that state by optimizing our nutrition, hydration, rest, exercise and stress index.

LoveWe believe that love is the strongest force in the Universe and we commit to Agape and Philo in all interactions.

The Team

Dr. Tom Preston


Dr. Tom Preston is a highly acclaimed public speaker, life & business coach, chiropractic consultant and advisor who helps unlock the potential and authenticity of his clients, readers and listeners. His customized approach of unifying professional goals with personal talents has helped countless people discover the success they want to achieve. Dr. Tom believes everyone has the power to find fulfillment in their lives, bringing them closer to their dreams and providing the necessary mechanics to allow them to hold on to those dreams.

Dr. Tom is the author of several books, including audio and video programs, and has been heralded as one of the recognized leaders in professional career development.

Dr. Jay Breitlow


I am originally from Wisconsin and graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2008 after a less than authentic experience as a Nuclear Engineer. Excitedly, I got my chiropractic career off the ground when I started an international nonprofit group to bring chiropractic to Africa. It was in Africa, Ghana to be exact, that I flew in knowing but one person. When I left, I left with my future wife Christina. When I saw her I knew it was love at first sight, despite what she says! As we were both chiropractors, we started into practice for ourselves in Colorado one year later. As our practice thrived, our relationship hit the skids. After two years being engaged and what felt like an endless struggle, we decided to call it quits. This was in 2012, and at this point Coach Tom stepped in and revealed to us a part of us we hadn’t seen in ourselves or in relationship before. Within 2 months we were married. We now live divinely in love together with a beautiful baby girl, Selom Joy. And we still love our chiropractic life together!

It’s important to know why I coach:  I coach because I believe in Tom Preston and the program he has created. I know that anyone who trusts enough in us, and his process, will find more loving beautiful joyful parts of their life that they never knew were there or had just forgotten about.

Christina and I know that God had a reason for us meeting and we believe Chiropractic to be an enormous part of it. Yet just as large, is the coaching we have attracted with Tom. It is an honor to share with YOU his message of authenticity and love! Wooohooo!!

Dr. Dodie Elkins


Dr. Dodie Elkins plays many roles in her life. She is a part time mom, wife, chiropractor, friend, athlete and coach. When combined they equal a full time life.  Dr. Dodie is passionate about helping others regain their health, and live their most ideal life, two roles she accomplishes beautifully through her chiropractic practice and as an associate coach at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting.

When she is not at the rink with her two beautiful children she can be found on the ski slopes in the winter or hiking and enjoying the great outdoors in the summer.  Her contagious laugh and bright smile help offset her keen mind and amazing intuition. Her favorite quote is “Sing like there is no body listening, dance like no body is watching, and live every day like there is no tomorrow.” Dodie has a well defined version of what success means for her and lives it daily.

Dr. Frazer Smith


Dr. Frazer Smith has been a practicing chiropractor for over 17 years.  He has worn many hats in the profession serving as a regulator, peer assessor, educator, public speaker, mentor and facilitator for alternative dispute resolution. His greatest satisfaction has been serving people in his family wellness practice where he helps people maximize their health potential and witness’s miracles every day.  The joy he derives in helping people make positive changes is what has guided him into coaching.  Frazer believes that when we connect to our inner voice and vision that we will manifest success and fulfillment in our own ideal. As an active water enthusiast, he lives his own dream with his wife and two children on the shores of Big Rideau Lake in Ontario, Canada.

Shazia Pehlvi


Entering the chiropractic profession with little exposure to the field, Shazia quickly became fascinated by its philosophies and principles and eagerly began applying them to her personal life.  Now, with 12 years of experience as a successful CA, she has acquired knowledge and expertise along with the passion and dedication to share and inspire other CAs to be Rockstar level!  Shazia is a true believer that the Universe is abundant, “believe you deserve it, and the universe will serve it”.  It is through this mindset that she believes being a part of Full Circle every day is truly a gift, doing what she loves, working with a team she admires, helping make positive changes!  Early mornings are her favorite time of day when you can find her running on the track, biking/hiking on local trails or hitting the tennis courts with her four children!

Mike & Rick Tielemans


Mike and Rick Tielemans are the marketing arms at Full Circle Coaching and Consulting. After many years of online training and 3 years of Peak Potential Courses around North America, they met Dr. Tom and got him started in a company rebrand including Social Media and a new Website. They run the behind the scenes of many of the workings of Full Circle and are the founders of Meraki Marketing, which focuses on the potential of finding new members using internet tools and resources. The twins believe in putting a piece of your heart, soul and creativity into your “work” and doing so in a way that is Authentic to YOUR expression.

They can often be found with their MacBooks, Coffee and a Big Smile.

meraki marketing, rick tielemans and mike tielemans

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