Our History

As the head coach and founder, I’d like to share a little about how Full Circle Coaching and Consulting came about.

Running a Thriving Practice

I was a successful entrepreneur running a bustling chiropractic practice. I had a six-figure income to provide the lifestyle my family wanted while working just 25 hours a week and taking a few months of holiday every year.

People would ask, “How do you do it?” For some time, I’d take their calls and answer their questions as best I could. It got to a point, however, where I needed to make a choice: keep going as I had been, or teach other people how I’d gotten there. I felt that I owed it to people to help them understand how I designed my ideal life and manifested it.

Today, I help people from all over the world from professions as varied as chiropractic, plumbing, accounting and other industries to learn how they can do the same.

What Sets Us Apart: The Full Circle Model of Authentic Excellence

We believe that every single one of the seven billion-plus people on the planet has an authentic essence: a gift completely unique to them that must be expressed. Just as a tree grows leaves each spring and geese fly south in the fall, there is an innate manifestation in every living being to express their essence. I’ve created a four-pillar model to help you develop your authentic essence and how to manifest it.

Breaking Down the Four Pillars

Let me give you a quick description of the model. First, you need to be crystal clear on who you are – and who you are not. Too often, people fall into someone else’s definition of who they should be by adopting their values and their priorities and goals as a result. We’ll clear away that clutter to reveal your true authentic essence, which will give you the creativity, power and wisdom to create or clarify your vision. We’ll help you define YOUR core values and the goals and priorities that naturally unfold from them, both personally and professionally. As they become clear, we’ll be able to help you develop your authentic vision, release the blocks to that vision, develop the systems that will support your vision and define and recruit the team you need to achieve it all.

A Quick Word from Our Coaches

Dr. Tom Preston

Founder of Full Circle Coaching

Almost 30 years after launching Full Circle Coaching, the thing that still drives me to get up at 5:30 a.m. most mornings is the unshakable certainty I have that each individual can be, do and have absolutely anything that their heart truly values and their mind can visualize.

The ability to open someone’s eyes to their incredible inborn potential and then teach them the skills needed to manifest it while removing the blocks to its full manifestation brings me joy at the core of my being.

The enhanced prosperity, joy, fulfillment and love I have witnessed in the thousands of clients Full Circle has served over the decades continues to drive me to serve even more clients and help them design the amazing life and business they were born to manifest.

Why Practice Owners and Their Teams Choose Full Circle:

  • You’re in good hands. We know the business better than anyone. Our team is made up of current practitioners and experienced coaches who know what practice is like today, not from a time gone by.

  • The process is easy. We don't ask you to blow up your practice and transform it into something completely different. This is your practice and your life. Our operating model is designed with that key concept.

  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We've made every mistake in the book... but we've learned from them and written down the answers. Our blueprints will get you to the solutions quickly and save you countless hours and dollars doing so.

  • We’ll keep you accountable. We aren't preaching from a pulpit; we're in the trenches right next to you. As a result, we build our Full Circle model around accountability. Don't join us if you're not ready for honesty because we truly treat your success as our own.

Evidence of Excellence

We are incredibly proud of our clients. Combined, they have helped millions of people across the globe to get healthy and live authentically. Here are a few examples.

Dr. Marci Anderson

Markham, Ontario

Dr. AJ Pacis

Mississauga, Ontario

Dr. Rob Green

Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario

The Latest From Full Circle

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Mastering the Invitation to Your Chiropractic Healthcare Class

February 21, 20242 min read

Mastering the Invitation to Your Chiropractic Healthcare Class

Hi, it's Dodie from Full Circle Coaching and Consulting, bringing you essential tips on how to effectively invite your practice members to attend your healthcare class. If you've ever found yourself struggling with what to say or how to extend an invitation without feeling awkward or pushy, this video is tailor-made for you. And remember, if you need further assistance or have questions after watching, don't hesitate to reach out for a personalized consultation with one of our coaches.

Why Your Invitation Matters:

The success of your healthcare class significantly depends on your ability to convey its value to your practice members. Your confidence, belief in the material, and enthusiasm for sharing this knowledge are the bedrock of a compelling invitation.

Four Key Components of an Effective Invitation:

1. Special Adjustment Time: Emphasize that the class will require an extra 40 minutes beyond their usual adjustment time, making it a unique and special appointment.

2. Information Overload Prevention: Assure them that the class is designed to prevent information overload by breaking down complex concepts into digestible parts.

3. Bring a Partner: Encourage practice members to bring a partner not just for support, but also to learn how to check for subluxations, making the class interactive and practical.

4. No Additional Cost: Highlight that there is no extra cost for attending the class, removing any financial barriers to participation.

Sample Invitation Script:

"Mrs. Jones, we'd like to book one of your adjustments on a Wednesday evening. This isn't just any appointment; it's a special time because we'll need you to stay an extra 40 minutes for a healthcare class that's integral to your care plan. We'll split the information into two parts to make it easier for you to absorb everything without feeling overwhelmed. And we'd love for you to bring a partner because we'll teach you both how to screen for subluxations. There's no extra cost for this class, other than your usual adjustment fee. Who do you think you might bring with you? Many of our practice members find this class invaluable for themselves and their loved ones."


Inviting your practice members to a healthcare class doesn't have to be daunting. By focusing on the benefits, making it an extension of their care, and ensuring they understand the value of bringing someone along, you can increase attendance and engagement. This not only enhances their understanding and appreciation of chiropractic care but also fosters a stronger community within your practice.

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Dr. Tom Preston

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