Why You Need to be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful what you wish for – you might just get it.

“I want a million dollars!”

Ever heard somebody say that? Chances are the Universe left them with just that –Wanting. One. Million. Dollars.

The upgraded statement would be a statement of conscious creation: “Thank you {God} for giving me the mind and desire to create a multi-million dollar business.”

Now that is something realistic that you can believe in, your mind won’t be alarmed by, and something that the universe will get behind and deliver on!

Part of what likely drove somebody to want a million dollars was a void of money.  What happens is that a void contributes to creating a value system for human BEings.  When the void persists long enough, and it eventually becomes a point of pain, then you have a direct formula for a new (or perhaps reestablished) value.

The formula is simple PAIN+VOID=VALUE



This is why you have to be careful what you wish for.  The continued wishing, or wanting, will sustain the void in your life.  Eventually you will get sick and tired of wishing for the void and you will feel the pain.  This is good and bad news.  Why?

When the void and pain come together you now have a hierarchy of values.  This is why some people who are born into money don’t actually care/value the money and often end up squandering their fortune.  They never had the void and never had the pain of living without money.

Until the money was gone.   Then the pain started!

Now their perspective has changed and they are motivated to get the money back.  And because it’s a value, they are going to build the money organically and hold on to it.

What this has to do with your life is very important.  Your life dictates your values based on how you demonstrate your actions.  It’s not what you think about or wish for or dream about.  What action steps are you taking to create money, or family, or a new adventure?

Are you reading books on finances, or health, or sports?  Are your favourite TV programs autobiographies of great minds, or is it popular culture?  There is nothing wrong with a value system that includes money, health, pop culture or adventures.  In fact everything is RIGHT about it because it is authentically who you are.

Our job is not to guide you into our value systems.  Instead we believe that a life lived with passion and fulfillment is one that is centered on your own values.  It is impossible for us to give you a cookie cutter solution and say “ok now go run your business like this.”  The reason?  Our values and the way we look to the world’s events and what constitutes happiness is likely very different.

That being said, a great many of our clients have a high value on family.  Family is generally what motivates our clients to create a more authentic life for themselves (but not all).  What this means is that business and personal lives are often weaved together in some way, shape or form.

I for one have a successful “family-based” business not necessarily because I want to help families, but instead because it is who I am!  Remember if I just want family stuff the universe will leave me “Wanting” family stuff!

I do not attract high performance athletes like I once did when I was a professional triathlete.  Honestly, I no longer have a high value on the competitive end of athletics – nor competition.  In fact I like to see my daughter struggle in sports so she can get the learning’s from the challenges inherent in sports and then have that applied in her life.

Today, armed with this consciousness, can you identify your pains and voids and turn them into an inspired mission to fulfill your values?  The answer is YES!

Make a list of all the things you are “wanting after” so you can begin realizing the void you are creating in your life. Then begin to associate proactive action steps you can implement into your schedule to move this closer to reality.

Let us know in the comments below what you have been “wanting after”!

Guest written by associate coach: Dr. Jay Breitlow

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