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technologyThere’s an Internet meme floating around showing how several once-fictional devices on Star Trek have been invented in real life. The flip cell phone Captain Kirk used to communicate with the Enterprise is a good example. The other is virtual communications.


We live in such an amazing time. Through online tools like Skype and Facebook, we now have the ability to hold important business pow-pows in real time from any corner of the planet. But many businesspeople are still uncomfortable with the idea of digital conferencing. They shouldn’t. Here’s why.



“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” 

Charles Darwin



While there’s a lot to be said for being loyal to the personal touch such as face-to-face communications or the classic touch of a handshake, an equally important facet to a complete business profile is being technologically savvy. If you rank productivity high on your priorities list, and you really should, being able to consult, teach or brainstorm with clients and colleagues at a moment’s noticed becomes increasingly important.

And don’t forget, many of these tools are free. I’ve saved thousands of dollars offering virtual communications and sessions with clients. No travel expenses, no impulse food purchases and no paying for parking. Plus I can speak with more clients than I ever imagined when I was first starting out decades ago.

We all have traditional methods we use to carry ourselves in life and business, but finding the balance between tradition and technology is crucial.

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