True Confession: The Importance of Communication and How I Survived Raising 5 Daughters

For those of you that are not already aware… I am the only male in a household of 5 daughters and my beautiful wife. That can be an overwhelming amount of feminine energy at one time, and raising all 5 daughters has been an adventurous and rewarding experience.preston family

We heard people say for years..“Just wait until they turn _____” for them to turn rebellious and become hell raisers. Well folks, we are yet to see this day, and one major reason for this is the explained in the video below. I was even able to enroll the girls into being the backdrop in the video!

Check out how I not only survived..but THRIVED raising five amazing daughters.


They say the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships, hence the importance of communication. I am a high contender in this belief! We believe relationships are one aspect of life that you will always continue to learn and grow with, and that relationships are NOT supposed to be all sunshine and rainbows. They are designed to teach you a few lessons.

Which is why I did a webinar presentation called “Relationships: Why They Shouldn’t Be All Sunshine & Rainbows” where we dive deep into the following:

The Components of ALL Relationships You’re Probably Ignoring
-How to Improve Your Business Success Through the Power of Relationships
-Exploring the Disowned Parts Inside Ourselves Holding Us Back From Expressing Authentic Love
-3 Key Elements to Choosing the Partner You Deserve
-Maximizing Your Love Tank



If you crave a deeper sense of satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing everyone you come in contact with will get the best of you, then click here to watch the presentation.


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