Things We Support

Here at Full Circle, we know there are a lot of spinning wheels going on in everyone’s lives to make things happen – personally and professionally.

Below is a list of things that Dr. Tom and the Full Circle Team is a proud supporter of:

Business Finishing School:






Dr. Tom believes everyone needs a coach to get from where they are to where they want to be. So even Dr. Tom has his own coach and coaching program – Business Finishing School. Check it out here.

Chiropractic Leadership Alliance

Dr. Tom is a valued CLA Alliance member in helping to help increase awareness of chiropractic globally. With such a strong belief in the Chiropractic profession, Tom loves helping to educate the world of its benefits.






Find out more at: Chiropractic Leadership Alliance:

Atlas Chiropractic Software






Atlas has 2 Software versions that are designed to fit a clinics’ needs, Atlas Lite which is the Front Desk Version or the Full Office Version with customizable Soap Notes. Atlas was designed by a chiropractor and with input from chiropractors like Dr. Tom. Covering features from sign-in to front desk scheduling, billing and Educational Videos, Atlas ensures you have the tools to provide a complete package for your office. With our New Atlas Apps, we have taken Atlas to the next level of Clinic and Patient Care

Chiropractic Philanthropist Podcast


The Chiropractic Philanthropist is not currently a coaching or consulting platform. It is a social and philanthropic support for any and all doctors who should choose to use it.

It is our purpose, to lower the playing field of practice, allow for a free flow of both practice building systems and procedures that are simple yet effective and in work.

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