The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

For a disconnected society we are more connected than ever. The ability to share news, exciting events and what we had for breakfast today can be shared across the world in a matter of seconds. That is power. 

Communication can be shared seamlessly and thus has opened up a whole new world that we are seeing today. Education is changing, businesses are innovating, and Gen Y are more entitled than ever.

Why is this? 

It is the power of social media. 

Other than Instagraming our food, and Facebooking a morning “selfy”, the rise of social media is being used for the following:

Build a Business Brand

Recently I took on two amazing musicians, as marketing clients and man I can tell you that social media is a game changer in that industry. The ability to create and share music these days is possible for anybody, regardless of whether they have a recording studio at hand or even any talent for that matter.

I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” – Paul Barron

Destroy a Business Brand 

Keep your eyes on social media (mainly twitter) and you will see why this next story applies…….

The characters behind the scenes of the social media accounts of major brands have made mistakes that have literally cost their companies thousands of dollars if not more (that is not even including the brand rep). One man who represented one of the North American giants had accidentally tweeted out a racially racy comment during the election, but forgot to switch to his personal account. Irreversible brand damage and hundreds of tweets, calls, emails to the company regarding “their” opinion were received …….. . He was fired.

“It takes 1000 tweets to build a brand and one tweet to destroy it” – Scott Stratten

Tool for Persuasion 

Social media is a tool of massive persuasion. People in society are comfortable when they are following a crowd or a movement. In the last U.S. Presidential political campaign MILLIONS of dollars went into social media campaigns to persuade Americans which man would better represent the country. With the built in features such as “39 of your friends like this, you should too!” they are always trying to persuade you into something.

Social Proof 

With Facebook ads and suggested stories, you sense someone is celebrating massive success. You then realize they only have 10 followers…….. Instantly they have lost credibility because social proof is not on their side. Let me lay out for you the other side of that coin. Lets say a local business has TONS of competition, let’s take chiropractors for example, when I am searching for a local chiro I immediately hit Google and do a search. Google brings up the most relevant results. These are “most relevant” because they have more reviews on their G+ profile and a bigger fan base on social media. They now have social proof and I am going to see them, not because they are better suited to my situation but because I trust the opinion of my social tribe.

Minimizing the Law of 7 Degrees

There used to be this law that governed society almost like gravity and apples. We were always 7 people away from talking to anyone on the planet. With platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you can direct message any one who has an account. You can have celebrities reading your 140 character love note easier than ever before. It is also AMAZING for making business connections you never expected.

Educate Differently

Education is changing. There are so many new ways to learn and with our ADD society, short YouTube videos seem to be winning. You can learn almost anything you want to these days from tying a tie to Calculus at MIT (online).

Get Consumer Data & Feedback

Social media has become a powerful tool to get feedback on your company. There are a number of tools and platforms to use to create surveys and get feedback. There are even incentivized surveys where you can win upwards of $1000 for giving your feedback. This helps the company do a better job at serving you while you feel rewarded for your opinion.

& Finally….THIS

social media

mike tielemans

Guest Written by: Mike Tielemans

Director of Amazing Experiences with Full Circle

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