The 4 Keys to Building a Team That Stays


How long does your current staff stay with you?

Do you work in an organization, a business, or team and find that the members don’t connect well?

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Maybe you find that not everyone’s skills sets are being efficiently utilized. Or worse yet, you find that you leave every meeting feeling that you didn’t get everything accomplished that you wanted to.


Many people are surprised by how long my chiropractic assistant has been working with me and how great of a team we are. I often get asked what is the secret?  


The answer is …




Having good team synergy is critical in moving things forward, hitting milestones, getting things done and having fun in the process.  But creating great synergy is not as simple as it sounds.


Vision, personality types, Core Values, and leadership all play a huge role in defining and creating good synergy.



Sharing and casting the vision and having a team that supports your vision it is what makes one team stand out from another. In giving them a purpose that excites them, it gives them an intrinsic reason to come to work every day. It creates a sense of ownership that will propel them to help you achieve your vision for your business.


Knowing what personality type each team member exhibits, is extremely important to know how to better communicate with them and to be sure they have the correct seat on the bus.  



Are they a Driver, Amiable, Expressive or Analytical personality? Each of these personality profiles has different strengths and weaknesses, and it is essential to know why they do the things they do and say the things they say. This system is a fantastic way to quickly triage a person’s personality type so that you more clearly understand how to talk and interact with them to build a better relationship and to know how to inspire them into becoming part of your synergistic team.


Having a combination of these personality profiles in various team members allows you to maximize the creative talents, logic, and experience which will help in creating a great team synergy.


Another important foundational construct to understand is that the things a person values becomes their priorities. People will always move in the direction of the things that they value. If you know your teammates values, you know what makes them tick!


For example if someone has a high value on health and its many offshoots, like physical fitness and optimal nutrition, it is likely that they will build exercise into their daily routine and choose to invest money into things that support their health.  



Leadership is another key in building team synergy. A good leader is the glue that holds it all together and leads the way.




Don’t forget that you have a team everywhere; in business, school, family and friends. It is important to have team synergy in all the teams you are part of! Flexing and enhancing your leadership muscles in one part of your life will also help you in all other aspects including your business.


If you need help in creating a vision, knowing what your values are or how to be a good leader Full Circle Coaching and Consulting is here to help. Please feel free to reach out for a complimentary Authenticity Call with one of our talented coaches who live and breathe to help others find their most authentic path in the world, which will in turn explode your life and business to whole new levels. Follow this link now to start on YOUR authentic path!

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