Shawn Martin

Hi Tom, great call today.

A quick testimonial for putting pen to paper for achieving goals and dreams.

During the summer of 2002, one of the (group coaching) exercises asked us to create a list of what our ideal practise location would look like. We rented a cottage on lake Huron for a week, where I remember creating this wish list. Like other exercises, I found this one to be fun, and maybe slightly useful in an abstract way. I put the list into a binder of other exercises, which is now a jammed full two-inch binder, the type that you need lots of hand strength to open. I had since forgotten about the list, and the exercise.shawn-martin

Two weeks ago, while preparing for a goal setting meeting, I came across the list. In that instant, I understood the true purpose of that and many other exercises. I was overwhelmed by the sight of my own handwriting. I had created a list of 30 features that my ideal practise would have. They were very specific details, such as a “kid nook with a half wall”, pot lighting, eye catching front desk, even “no outdoor shoes in office”.

Of that list of 30 features, the office that we moved into 2 months ago included 27 features, in the precise description that I had given. That was the greatest affirmation in my life that there is wisdom in these success tools.

Thank you Tom for your guidance on this journey“

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