Dr. Catherine Straus

“Like many of my colleagues, life is busy and full. I love being with my practice members helping impact their health and also having quality time with my family and time for community service. But when it is time to bring on a new team member, the hiring and training processes are not my favourite duties.

Recently I hired a new Chiropractic Assistant and immediately enlisted the help of Full Circle’s CA Coaches, Shazia and Bobbi, to help my new assistant get started quickly and successfully.

The CA wears many hats in the office and I found the training to be comprehensive . The weekly calls and homework kept both the CA and myself focused and moving forward in the training process. As well, the trainings brought up good questions and conversations that have helped my CA and I enhance/solidify our relationship.

Thanks Dr.Tom, Shazia and Bobbi for getting us started.
This will be a banner year!

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