Dr. Christina Breitlow

christina-breitlow-testimonial“As a result of the past two years of coaching and guidance from Dr. Tom, my life has become what I used to imagine, but never trusted was possible. I am 100% passionate about heading to my dream job each day, our practice has grown exponentially and we have attracted the most amazing clients, I have a fulfilling and blissful relationship with my husband, my thoughts and decisions now come from a place of love and authenticity instead of fear and insecurity, and I am HAPPY!  

I am eternally thankful for the guidance, leadership, wisdom, experience, compassion, understanding, brutal honesty, humility, unconditional love, friendship and expertise coaching that Dr. Tom has provided. He has truly been a Life Guide on my journey. I am excited and proud of the person I have become in such a short amount of time. I equally excited about continuing this process in creating and living more of my ideal life. 

 Thank you Dr. Tom Preston!”
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