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STOP Saying You’re “Too Busy” and CREATE More TIME For Yourself and Family

create more time for yourself

How many times have you sacrificed something you wanted to do because you were “too busy”. I know you’re busy running a business, taking care of your family, and trying to have a life… but I believe if you’re reading this then you KNOW you’re not always busy for the...

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How Investing Time into Your Daily Dynamic Time Structure Will Save You Time, Money and Energy!

Coach Jay talks about Schedule Energy

Coach Jay is at it again with some Full Circle Wisdom about time and how to structure your day to save time and possibly even some money! There is nothing better than having a day that is scheduled in a manner that it creates an energetic flow. Proper scheduling...

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How to Master Your Time Like The Elite

So many docs and business owners that I speak with tell me they are continually frustrated by incomplete projects, procrastination and just general lack of motivation to move forward in their lives and careers   Most people have copious “To Do” lists and work furiously trying to “knock things...

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to NOT Take a Holiday

3 Reasons Why You Can't Afford to NOT Take a Holiday

In a recent study published in one of the chiropractic journals they were reviewing the average number of hours chiropractors in North America worked as well as how many weeks per year they worked! I was not terribly surprised by the number of hours the average D.C. worked (37)...

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