3 Reasons You Don’t Have The Life and Practice You Want

How did Santa know what to bring you each Christmas?

… he didn’t!

That’s why we made wish lists of what toys and games we wanted.

Well, the same rules apply to how you live your life… you can’t get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

What is it that you want your life to look like?

You deserve what you want and what you want deserves you.

So let’s break down the 3 reasons you don’t have the life and practice you want:

#1: You Didn’t Know You Could Ask

As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s SO common throughout our chiropractic coaching clients.

Everyone one of us has the permission to go ahead and ask for exactly what it is we want out of life.

If you’re unclear as to what it is you actually want, then you’re unclear about who you ARE.

Our job on this planet is to find out what it is that we are here to express, our unique ability that is as special and unique as our thumbprint.

Find out:

Who it is you want to become.

What it is you want to do.

What it is you want to have.

I believe it’s your spiritual duty to find out who you are at the very core, beneath all the conditioning from the outside world. Then once you’ve reached a mastery of who this person is, go forth and ask the universe for all that this person needs and wants to play full out and live their best life.


#2: You Don’t Believe Your Wish Will Come True Anyways

Can you imagine how many people play the lotto who don’t even believe they’re going to win!?

That’s gambling against yourself!

If there’s something you want that you believe isn’t possible for you, then that’s a very shortsighted belief that was implanted in your mind at a young age somewhere.

Don’t let the heaviness of life stand in the way of you going after what you want.

Take Thomas Edison as a great example…

He believed in the idea of an incandescent light bulb so highly that he “failed” 760 times before cracking the code.

That wasn’t failure, that was just how many steps it took to get to his goal.

… and look how much brighter the world is because of that. 😉

Our chiropractic coaching clients that don’t think they can manifest the things they want is USUALLY because they don’t really want it. They’re buying into someone else’s dream.

They feel like they “should” have it or “need to” have it.

Should’s and need-to’s are the way we express the things that are external forces influencing our beliefs, instead of knowing from within what it is we want.

You’re not going to get what you ask for if you don’t really want it at the deepest core of your being.

For example, I’m sure some things you want are outside of your current income level. So you need to STEP UP your game in order to increase your practice and increase your personal income. This requires exerting a great deal of energy to get what you want, which is why you must know it’s authentic to YOUR dreams.

#3: You Feel Like You Don’t Deserve It

Now, this is a very deep conversation that I’d love to have with you on the phone.

But I want you to know you worthy of what you want!

People are SO hard on themselves. You wouldn’t tell your best friend that they don’t deserve a cottage on the lake, would you?

So why would you tell that to yourself?

Learn to be your own best friend.

It’s a tall order, but it’s going to make for a much more rewarding life if you enjoy the company you keep in the silence.


– – –

Your spiritual duty is to find out who you are, and therefore what you want in this life so you can tell the universe with confidence and clarity what you want and what you deserve.

That’s the only to truly manifest the life and practice of your dreams.

One great tool we use to find out who we are at the deepest level, and learn to love ourselves first is the Spiritual Retreat we facilitate. Ask anyone who has been and they’ll tell you it’s priceless. The clarity you have when you leave is astonishing.

Find out more about our Ontario Spiritual Retreat here.


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