4 Steps To Overcoming Your Fear Of Rejection

Is your fear of rejection holding you back from achieving excellence?

Fear of rejection goes back to prehistoric times thousands of years ago when we came out of the caves and decided to band together as social beings. As a result, our survival rates went up and there was a principle hardwired into our psyche:

…if we’re not apart of the group then we are going to die.

This is what fuels our fear of rejection because if we are banished from the tribe we will die!

Your fear of rejection is blocking you from growing your business to its highest potential and from enjoying your life at the highest level.

We’re going to share with you our simple four-step process for overcoming your fear of rejection. These steps will help you love your life, yourself and help you tell your story to the world.


1. The Law of Balanced Energy

Energy is balanced at all times.

It is our misperception of energy that thinks otherwise. When I truly understood this as a professional speaker I realized that when I would get a standing ovation only half of the people were doing it because of social pressure.

50% of people at any given time in your life will like you and 50% won’t. That is the law of balanced energy.

Own this principle in your life and it will make a huge difference.

2. 93% of Human Communication Is Non-Verbal

Moravian at UCLA completed research in the 60’s that proved the majority of human communication is non-verbal.

It’s not the words we say! It’s what’s behind the words: body posture, tone, body language and so on.

You can summarize all of those aspects into one word: YOU!

If you’re not speaking your truth or are saying things that you think people want to hear then people will smell a rat. They’ll sense a non-verbal queue of this.

Remember in a buying cycle people need to like you, know you and trust you. If they don’t trust you they won’t buy from you.

Speak your truth and people will respond.

3. Stay Grounded

When you stay grounded in who you are and who you know yourself to be then you will have less need to be liked by others and less need to impress others.

What does it mean to stay grounded?

For me, it’s a morning routine or ritual that involves meditation and yoga. Staying grounded helps me be me and remember who I am. It gives me the confidence and power to go out into the world and speak my truth independent of the opinion of others.

4. Stay Balanced

Go back into any old hurts or wounds that you have had in your life and realize that there was an equal number of benefits to that experience as there were negatives. Your mind is likely fixated on the negatives and the fear of rejection.

In reality, the law of balance clearly states that it is balanced. Look for the positives! You will realize that they helped you move along your authentic path.

Overcoming your fear of rejection in life can massively help you improve your fulfillment and joy in life as well as in business!

Understand that your fear of rejection is a mental perception. After following these steps you will be able to move forward in your life by speaking your truth and making an impact.


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