How You Should Talk To Your New Patients To Grow Your Practice


Are you assertive and commanding with your new patients?

Or are you talking to new patients in the same manor and tone as your longer-term practice members?

There is a point here about dictatorial or military-style leadership that at certain stages in relationships having the courage and strength to lead in a dictatorial way is actually a service to the person you’re leading.

Keep reading or watch the video! We’re going to cover the details of how, when (and when not) to lead from a dictatorial or military-style leadership.


One of the keys here is to know when and when not to lead with this style.  There are certain phases where it is really important!

As a father of five daughters, I can tell you that there were phases in our relationships where they needed guidance, standards, and boundaries. They needed to know where the limits were.

Let’s face it, kids are naturally curious as they explore their surroundings. As they explore, there are definite safety issues to consider. Of course, there can be moral, ethical or well-being discussions around the courage and strength to set those boundaries and standards for children. But it is necessary for them to grow and learn in a healthy and safe manner.


This style of leadership is very autocratic – it is telling people what to do, what not to do and when to do it. There is definitely an application for this leadership in a doctor-patient relationship.

In the early stages of these relationships, people don’t know what they don’t know! They don’t know when to come, when to refer, when to pay, when to do home-based exercises!

They won’t know unless you have the courage and strength to tell them.

Have the courage.
Have the strength.

Tell them all of the details they need to know to learn how to be a great patient! This will help them be a great patient for YOU and help them get their own GREAT RESULTS!

We all know that if they don’t follow the treatment plan, they’re not going to get results. If they don’t get results, they don’t stay, they don’t pay and they don’t refer. This is not good for you or them!

There is definitely a time where dictatorial style leadership is an important piece of the doctor-patient relationship.

At Full Circle we encourage you to have the strength and courage required to lead using this style in the early phases of the relationship.

If you continue to use this style of leadership in the mature phases of the relationships, then you are likely driving away patients and not realizing it yet.

As we continue through this set of leadership videos and topics, we will be covering this issue next!

– – –

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