Chiropractic Assistant Training Mystery Call

WAIT: Before You Consider a Chiropractic Assistant Training Program

Grab Our Chiropractic Assistant Mystery Call "Audit" for only $195

Includes New Patient appointment scheduling call, cancellation call, full written transcript, Performance Score Card, and Report of Findings full of training suggestions!  

Our Chiropractic Assistant New Patient Mystery Call is the starting place when considering how you can increase the revenue in your practice

Your Chiropractic Assistants are the front lines of your practice, the gatekeepers, and quite possibly the reason a prospective new patient chooses YOU over the competition.

Close MORE new patients over the phone and increase your revenue this year with our "No BS" unbiased feedback on how your CA's are handling these highly valuable scenarios.

For the amount of time, energy, and experience that goes into this service we've considered pricing it at $297 … even though that still barely covers the human resources that we put into the service ... you can get our CA Trainer's calling and auditing your CA's anonymously (over 3 hours of work pour into this) for only $195.

chiropractic assistant training benefits

This is the fastest way to increase your revenue by closing more new patients and successfully rescheduling cancellations 

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Doctor's love the anonymous approach as it allows them to easily enter into a conversation about the CA's performance without added stress

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Our CA Trainer's have over 35 years experience collectively and know how to turn good CA's into GREAT ones by spotting the holes in your front desk processes and protocols

chiropractic assistant training benefits

It works for ANY type of chiropractic practice. Doesn’t matter if you’re subluxation-based, do personal injury, functional medicine, offer weight loss, or have a strictly pain based clinic

chiropractic assistant training benefits

The best part is that it takes NO more work on your part to increase revenues in this way

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Receive your 28 question Score Card, a typed transcription of both calls, feedback and action steps to implement positive change, and a FREE follow up call to go through the report!

It's important to note: prospective patients calling in are NOT already sold on your business.

It's extemely important your CA's know how to turn prospect calls into paying patients in the small window of time they have to interact.

Order our New Patient Mystery Call and increase the number of callers who convert into lifetime patients of yours.

The reason I’m offering this service at such a low investment is because I’m committed to removing the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving dramatic practice growth. 

Chiropractic Assistant Training is the best leverage you have to explode your practice!

order your chiropractic assistant training call
order your chiropractic assistant training call

Here's What This Mystery Call Will Do For You

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Get you an extra 30% new patients from changing the wording and approach to new patient calls

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Increase your PVA and revenue by turning cancellation calls into rescheduled appointments

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Allow you to increase your trust in your team to represent your business brand and your personal reputation 

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Save yourself time and energy on training your CA's personally

chiropractic assistant training benefits

Allows you to easily transition into a performance review in other areas of your CA's practice outcomes

See What Doctors Like Yourself Had To Say About Their Mystery Call...

chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"The mystery call was very informative and gave us all an idea of where we needed to focus our improvement so we can better serve our clients. 

Very professionally done and the post report was great feedback!"

Dr. Kelly Johnson

chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"This was a very valuable service for me. I thought I had trained my staff really well until I saw the holes in our procedures and protocols. 

This experience has helped to tighten up our front desk procedures."

Dr. Heather Norman

money back guarantee on your chiropractic assistant training call

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction with our Chiropractic Assistant Mystery Call is guaranteed.

If you find you didn't receive $195 worth of value from the phone calls made to your office, your CA's Score Card, Report of Findings and the transciption of the calls, and the free follow up call with you to review it, we will happily refund your investment. 

All you have to do is send an email to requesting a refund and we will gladly make that happen for you.

Here's What's Going To Happen Next:

1) Once you click the Add To Cart button below, and our team receives your small investment, you will see a questionnaire with some information we'll need from you. 

2) Within 24 hours, we will send you an email with the general date and time range we intend to call your office disguised as a new patient. 

3) Our Chiropractic Assistant Trainer will call the office to book an appointment, meanwhile taking diligent notes on our custom ScoreCard and Report of Findings. 

4) We will call back to cancel this appointment, but not until the following day. This gives us a chance to (possibly) assess two different Chiropractic Assistants - depending on your staff situation. 

5) Once we've finished our Report of Findings, we will promptly schedule a time to review the data with you over the phone. This way you can gain new insights into area's of strength and opportunity from our unbiased perspective. 

6) The Report Of Findings will be emailed to you afterwards so you have the file on hand and can review it with your staff. You will also receive the Score Card and call recording after the follow up coaching call.  

- - - 

This could potentially put thousands of dollars into your practice revenue simply by increasing the certainty and confidence of new patient calls AND cancellations.

order your chiropractic assistant training call
order your chiropractic assistant training call
chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"I was curious... 

An 11-year veteran at the front desk - but some blind spots in MY training with her made for a perfect opportunity to use the Mystery Call service. 

Ultimately, I had a shocked and minorly offended staff, who quickly recognized it was for the benefit of the team and our growth - and we have used the call to elevate our communication and training sessions!"

Dr Gelber's feedback on our chiropractic assistant training call

Dr J Gelber

chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"Just wanted to give you a little feedback re: the Mystery Call thing. Shazia was great. 

The program itself was well orchestrated & well reported on. The actual reports were thorough & easy reading, and seemed to address every aspect of the NP call that I could think of."

Dr David Matheson's Mystery Call experience

Dr David Matheson

chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"I'm glad I signed up for the Mystery Call to discover ways we might be letting new patients slip through the cracks. 

It also gave some clarity to our message while we establish a relationship with new patients. Very worthwhile investment."

Dr Gray's experience with the chiropractic assistant training phone call

Dr Courtney Gray

chiropractor assistant training call testimonial

"The Mystery Call service further improved our communication with potential patients and was able to fine tune our policies to convert more calls into appointments."

Dr Nenos experience with chiro assistant training patient call

Dr Nenos Damerchie