Increase New Patients and Retention By GIVING More

more chiropractic patients

Do you believe that you GET what you GIVE?

The tips in this week’s video applies to building a great customer-oriented business, but can also be applied to creating a great sex life.

So follow along as we explore how to accomplish both of those important life skills:

Give GREAT Customer Service – FIRST

Anyone who has poor customer service is going bankrupt in business, they just may not be aware of it yet.

So what are the keys to great customer service?

1) Be Aware Of Your Leads and Prospects

Don’t leave them waiting, strike while the iron is hot!

Be interested, be attentive, and really listen to what problem(s) they have and how you can solve it.

2) The Art Of Active Listening

TRULY listen to the patient/client in front of you.

This means not talking, and not thinking about talking, so you can actively listen to what they need your help with. There is a difference between the reason and the REAL reason, which you can only find out if you listen to what they are and are not saying, and ask the right questions.

Maybe your product or service isn’t the best fit for their situation…

It’s your job to provide the best result for every patient, whether that means referring them elsewhere or taking them in as your own.

If you have a scarcity consciousness and take on patients you’re not sure you can really help, the BEST case scenario is buyers remorse. The worst case scenario is resentment… which can lead to negative online reviews, rumours spreading among their circle of influence, and bad PR for your business.

3) Do GREAT Follow Up

The saying goes,

“The fortune is in the follow up.”

Did your solution actually solve their problem?

Do they have the tools and resources to solve their problem, but they’re stuck in implementing part of the solution?

Ensure your patients are happy and satisfied, so you can increase your certainty in your services, and you can generate more 5 star Google reviews.

– – –

Now, those three steps are just the obvious bare bones of customer service. These steps simply allow you to BE in the game.

Although, the readers of Full Circle’s blog are people who strive for excellence and greatness… which means you are ready to step into the next stage of customer service.

Here Are The 4 Keys To Exceptional Customer Service That Puts You Ahead Of The Competition

1) Low Cost/Free Upgrade

As long as this “upgrade” is something within your scope of services.

The cost is minimal upfront for you if you do it right, but the investment in the relationship and the appreciation of the client’s value in the lifetime of your business is going to far outweigh the cost of getting them in the door.

2) Give Them A DEAL

The real economics of business is all about the backend, not getting them in the door.

Business is about relationships.

You want to lower the friction between you and this stranger so that you have an opportunity to start a new relationship. Like we stated in the last bullet, the money is in the backend!

Don’t get hung up on losing $50 on your exam if you know the lifetime value of your patients is $1500.

I’d spend $50 to make $1500 ALL DAY LONG!

3) Get Personal

Get to REALLY know who the person is in front of you.

They are a real human with families, interests, unique talents, skills, and real emotions.

Don’t treat them like a number in your practice. A relationship is SO much more valuable than a paycheque.

The beautiful thing is how often a relationship actually converts to more dollars and cents down the road.

4) Be Compassionate

This is just an extension of the rest of these bullets.

Although, people NEVER forget compassion.

Which is the very reason I’ve been buying my tires from the same dealership for the last 20 years…

When my wife, Shelley, had two flat tires on the dirt road to our island oasis… we had ONE option to get them fixed. The guy at the closest auto shop waited up for us, way past closing time, to ensure we could make the rest of the trip to our property that night. The compassion he showed to us in our situation is something I’ll never forget.

– – –

GIVE more in all areas of your life, from your heart, with no agenda, and watch as the Universe rewards your practice and your life with more abundance in return.


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