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A message from Dr. Tom Preston

A community of individuals, each living their own life in their unique way, but tied together by a set of common ideals.

And because we share these common ideals, when we decide to come together, we can do it without the masks we wear for the rest of the world.

We can be ourselves, and celebrate the greatness that is inside every one of us, without conforming, without reservation, and without guilt.

Look, most of you reading this are not normal.

Normal is vanilla.

Normal is what they categorize those who play by the rules, hold a 9-5 job, make a moderate income, and sacrifice personal happiness for the common good.

Normal is also the people blindly rushing to a job they hate to earn money to buy stuff they really don’t care about to impress people they hardly know.

Who would want to be normal…?

All my life, I have lived true to my ideals, refusing to do anything that would compromise those ideals, being proud of where that contrast has led my life.

Why have I done this? Why did I choose this path?

Because that is what was right for me – and so that I may earn the right to stand here today to share this message with you.

To stand here before you as the man who loves life… the man who does not sacrifice his love or his values. To speak to you as the man so in love with authentic expression that I’ve devoted an entire career towards achieving authentic greatness.

Who is this man?

First and foremost, I am a creator.

I consciously create value and I trade this value for all of the rewards that I desire. I do this proudly and without guilt.

I do not ask nor desire rewards that I have not earned.

And I choose to deal only with others who live by this same code.

But perhaps more than anything else…

I am human, just like you. I am not perfect.

I have many strengths… and many faults.  I struggle to live without masks, to be content with who I am, without being complacent about who I am becoming.

But sometimes I feel like a stranger in a world of “organized chaos”, just trying to “get by”.  Maybe you, too, have felt the same at times?

I look around me and I see lifelessness in my fellow brothers and sisters. Shutting off from their hearts in sacrifice to their minds for the logic the world demands. Shutting off their passions to the work that needs to be done to pay for the things that will get them through another day.

To embody what values?

Is it that we are all chasing freedom from the shackles of the modern world?
To taste the freedom that we experience on weekends and the odd vacation?
To work only another 25-30 years so that we can hopefully never have to make these sacrifices to our happiness again?

Many of the lifeless souls that pass me on the streets haven’t stopped this madness long enough to think about what it is they actually want in this world of possibility. Opportunities may pass with frequency but they’ve only seen them as distractions.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Anyone can consciously create the life of their dreams – if only they start by defining what that is!

The life that we’re meant for.

The life of both passionate ease and of passionate thrill.

There is a law of balance in the universe; therefore everyone deserves to be gifted with the riches of the world to compensate for the struggles we have faced and will come up against.

Do you agree that this is possible and perhaps even likely?

I have found many do, many of you reading this today.

For you ARE different from the rest of the world.

You “get it.”

You are ready to live, not merely exist; ready to consciously create your own life, based upon your own ideals, and to live in perfect integrity and harmony with your freely chosen ideals.

In fact, that is the common thread that brings us all together today.

The simple idea that there is a better way – a simple way to live and not merely exist.

A way to consciously choose your Ideal Lifestyle and to create that Lifestyle without compromising or sacrificing your authentic self and your authentic desires. To choose a life you are proud to live, while creating a world you are proud to live in and spark positive change for the generations to come.

That simple idea is what I offer you today.

As a response to the chaos and lifelessness I see in the world; as an alternative to the mad rush to accumulate more just for the sake of empty achievement.

It began as just an idea of what could be if everyone of us on this planet really lived and not just existed. If every one of us freely chose our beliefs and lived by our values, and then consciously created a Life that was a perfect reflection of our deepest convictions and value systems.

There lies a gap in “the system” in which our deepest convictions and values are not strongly defined. We merely walk through life assuming the path we are on is of divine purpose, rather than scrutinizing it to see if it is an authentic fit for the lifestyle we want.

The solution to my “life by default” syndrome was through a simple process created for anyone to streamline this outcome so you can achieve a life and practice of intention and purpose, rather than mere existence.

“What is the process”

It starts with a decision; the decision to live on purpose. The decision to be great. The decision to be true to yourself, even if it means disappointing another. To create a life that feels good on the inside, rather than a life that simply looks good on the outside. And to utilize your Innate gifts, skills and traits to reach this place as it has always meant to be.

In the beautiful words of Oriah Mountain Dreamer:

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

Once you’ve decided that your authentic greatness and your dreams are a worthy cause to stand up and fight for, the next process is defining what it is you want, you truly desire.

What did you love doing as a child?
What brings chills down your spine?
What are you willing to risk looking like a fool for?

Get clarity on these existential pieces of yourself and the path begins to reveal itself.

They say life is about the journey, not the destination, although I contend the journey is only a worthwhile trek if you’re on the path towards your own authentic greatness. In this world of constant distraction and sheep-like existence, we easily fall victim to living someone else’s “plan” rather than finding our own.

By determining where you are today and what it is you truly desire, you can then begin to see which obstacles, bad habits, and mental programming is standing between your current reality and your Ideal Lifestyle.

You simply cannot reach your heart’s longing, and fully embrace this destination, if you have not clearly defined it.

We Are In a Spiritual Depression

Billions of humans around the globe function at a fraction of their capacity with perhaps 1/10th of their potential fulfilled.
Everyone looking to the world for secrets that will allow themselves to find happiness, but never looking long enough to make real change.

Real change makers are so few that they become newsworthy.

What else has the code of today created in our world…?

“Their” code has made everything enjoyable either immoral or sinful.

They have conveniently tied happiness to guilt – and this tie is what binds so many blindly to their system of sacrifice.

Of course they don’t call it that, and they would never admit this.

No one would go for that – so instead they dress it up; they tell people that they’ll achieve a superior kind of happiness by giving up everything that makes them happy.

Lie on a bed of nails, don’t go to the movies on Sunday, don’t try to get rich, don’t dance, don’t smoke, don’t drink.

It’s all the same line. The same great line.

A world full of living dead…

Look in their eyes- do you feel the sparkle, the energy, the life of a child – or the empty bliss of just getting through the day and not wanting to think about tomorrow?

Look, I fully support and encourage you to have all the “toys” of the good life, but realize that these toys do NOT make “the good life” and they do NOT define who you are as a person.

Who you are inside – how clearly and accurately you have defined your own ideals – how consistently and boldly you act upon these ideals – and the integrity you develop by living in perfect harmony with your ideals…  that is what defines the level of success you have really achieved.

For those willing to live by their own code, life is simple.  Not always easy, but simple.

The path to their Ideal is clear and they joyously follow it, knowing they will face obstacles, but trusting their integrity and inner strength to shrug off any obstacles along the way.

They have discarded the protective rags of that vice which the world calls a virtue – humility.

They’ve learned to value themselves, which means to fight for their own happiness and their own ideals and, when achieved, to enjoy them FULLY, without guilt.

This is their code, and they will accept no other.

In every one of their thoughts and actions is the distinction between the earned and the unearned.

This is the code of the Intentional Man & Woman, the only code they know, and their eternal guide to what is truly right.

They never ask for, nor expect, any reward they have not earned.  And flatly refuses to deal with any who do not feel the same.

They accept full responsibility for the consequences of their theories.

They are willing to bear the penalties for their mistakes, and they expect rewards for their achievements.

Awakening each day, they look at the world with the innocent eagerness of a child, who stands in full sunlight, tall and proud, ready to CREATE the day.

They come together with each other in a non-sacrificial, non-compulsory, co-existence and co-operation, which creates greater wealth and progress than any would be capable of on their own.

But they do so with the realization that in reality, all wealth is created by individuals, individuals acting upon their ideas – and the only true and lasting wealth is that wealth created through the celebration of individuals acting as individuals, not being blended into the evil beast called “society” or “the common good.”

“Their deepest fear is not that they are inadequate.

Their deepest fear is that they are powerful beyond measure.

It is their light, not their darkness that frightens them.

They know deep inside their heart that their playing small doesn’t serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around them.

And, as they let their own light shine, they give others permission to do the same.

The number of us is probably greater than anyone can estimate, but we are scattered in silent helplessness throughout the world, hidden in that underground which has too often swallowed the best of human potential.

That is the purpose of Full Circle Coaching – to serve as the common meeting place for excellence; excellence in being self-proclaimed winners in practice and in daily ritual.

The world you desire can be won, it exists.
It is possible. It is yours.

You DESERVE it.  But you must claim it.

Free your mind.

Open your heart.

Straighten your body.

Look proudly to the sky, and claim the world that is rightfully yours.

Leave the past behind, and begin now, today, the greatest journey the world has ever known.

When we look at a statue of someone great, we think, “They’ve got something we don’t”.  We are trained to think that only a tiny percentage of us have the stuff it takes to be a hero.  Not many of us will make a billion dollars or hit a home run to win the World Series, but every single one of us, every single one of us, is called upon to be a king, a queen, a hero in our ordinary lives.

Do not let the hero in your own soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never had the courage to fight for or been able to reach.

And for those who retain that pride and dignity and love of your life, I am offering you a choice:

  1. Life given to you by others and meekly accepted for whatever they wish to dole out.
  2. Or life, boldly lived with integrity and vision, consciously creating your own ideal, and living each day with its energy and light.

Today is your chance to participate in the biggest revolution ever…  
the revolution over the old way of doing things, the old way of thinking.

There has never been more opportunities available to us at any point in history. Yet still, people are like grazing sheep just waiting to be ushered from one place to the next.

It’s time for you to be the change you want to see in the world.

It’s time for results you’ve only wished were possible for you.

It’s time you were proud of yourself.

Who is being affected by your playing small?

Do it for yourself, but think about all those in your life that will benefit from you stepping into your greatness, and do it also for them.

“But where do I start…”

If you resonate with this message and are ready for a life of intention and deep conviction, then all I have to offer today is a chance to connect as two individuals, hungry to live by our own code and create a life of meaningful existence.

Many would assume this is a sales pitch for a program.
But the world cannot improve with programs. The ONLY thing that can change the world are individuals. Individuals with positive intentions. Individuals who unapologetically pursue their heart’s desires.

This is not a sales pitch or a program, No.

This is simply an invitation to join me on the phone for 45-60 minutes to help you connect to your deepest convictions and define your heart’s deepest desires so you can find your own path toward authentic greatness. Businesses tend to explode and relationships flourish with this kind of clarity and purpose.

All you have to do is hit the “Click Here” button and my team will find you a time to connect.

Let’s stand arm in arm against the battle of mediocrity and make this your most focused, fulfilled, and profitable year of your life; because playing small serves no one.



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