Insider Coaching Tips: Solving the 3 Biggest Problems in Chiropractic for 2015

Lets speak plainly. There are many challenges the chiropractic profession is facing in 2015. Many docs are finding it challenging to attract new patients, student enrolment at chiropractic colleges is down compared to 10 years ago, and the end of insurance coverage is just around the corner. What are the solutions?chiropractic coaching

As Einstein said “The world we have created is a result of our level of thinking to date. This produces problems, the solutions to which do not exist at the same level of thinking.” We want to introduce you to some “new thinking” that is not the same old rhetoric you have heard from the practice management firms for years. This is the first in a series of “insider coaching tips” that we will be offering in the coming months.

INSIDER TIP #1 – If there’s one intention to focus on in 2015, it’s educating the public.

The opportunity we have in educating the public is that people come to us with health challenges that affect them in every aspect of their lives. Health issues ripple into their family lives, their social lives, their careers ……… into every aspect of the hologram. Helping them through this is the whole reason you love being a chiropractor; to experience these miracles firsthand. However people aren’t quick to tell their friends the freedom and changes they’ve experienced for the sake of avoiding expressing their weaknesses to the world.

Nothing can educate the public better than REAL CASE STUDIES. People connect to these very real and human stories way better than they do to a dry, randomized, controlled trial. If you get the amazing opportunity to hear positive feedback from a patient in your office, capitalize on the moment! Ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing their experience with the community so people like them can have a similar experience. If they agree to this, ask them to find you on Google +, Yelp, or even facebook and leave you a review. You can also see our newest tool to make educating your members much more visual and simple.Check out the chirostressometer.

INSIDER TIP #2 – The second thing we will look at is trust.

There’s a saying in business that states “people will buy from those they Know,Like and Trust.” The Knowing comes from basic chiropractic marketing. The Likeelement comes from your true authentic expression. Then there’s the Trust piece, which is arguably the hardest to win over.

Here are a few actions you can implement right away to earn the trust of new patients:

  • Be genuinely curious about others.
    True curiosity into the life and circumstances in others allows you to show them you care (and it’s way more fun)
  • Favourable body language:
    • Use hand gestures when you talk; it’s proven to make you seem more enthusiastic, trustworthy, and emotionally invested
    • Don’t hide your hands; it feels like you’re hiding something!
    • Positive eye contact; this goes without saying that people trust those who look them in the eye when they’re talking to them
    • Talk in a relaxed voice. Marilyn Monroe actually perfected her “pillow talk voice” because it was seductively intriguing
    • Use a “hand steeple” when saying something with conviction (where your fingers are touching but your palms are separated)
    • Smile 🙂
      …it’s contagious
  • Respect them (including their time)
    Do your best to get patients in and out on time, work on and enhance your systems for efficiency.
  • Be transparent. People value transparency and respect when others own up to a mistake, rather than trying to cover it up. Pricing is another place where transparency can be valuable.

INSIDER TIP #3 – Lastly, I encourage you to be Rocky Road.

Vanilla is the worst flavour to be in marketing and business branding.

Is your marketing strategy based on what others are doing and you are just following the herd?

By talking, dressing, and acting like a chiropractor should, you end up being awfully vanilla. If someone is actively looking to find a chiropractor, they are likely to spend the time finding one they are genuinely interested in checking out. Vanilla leaves nothing to the imagination.worst poster ever
Let’s take a look at a very vanilla chiropractic expression, specific to the office decor.

My experience with chiropractic offices is that many have similar cliche education/marketing posters on the wall. For example, upon a quick Google search for “Chiropractic Posters” I found an online shop with this poster for sale for $40 that looks like it came out of the 80’s:

Branding is directly contingent on price value. PC black label can sell an average product at a higher price range because of the elegant branding and the way they make you feel.

What feelings does your brand evoke (including the waiting room, your business cards, and even the way you and your staff dress)?chiropractic coaching


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