How to Plan and Execute a Successful Workcation

“One of the best ways to make changes in your life is to change your environment. This then changes you” – Robert Kiyosaki

I set out on this mission to plan and execute a workcation in Full Circle for this very reason. Let’s look at the WHY behind the workcation and WHY I recommend it for you:


  1. See Things Differently – When we travel we see things in new eyes. We are open to new ways of doing things, which allows us to make note of the things in our lives that we are usually too pigeonholed to see. It is a great way to see how other’s live, the simplicity of the world and seeing your role at the 35,000 foot view.
    It also allows us to meet others (depending on the style of your workcation) who are leading similar lives with similar roles, but perhaps more successfully. We are way more receptive to learning from strangers than a friend or acquaintance when we have no credibility to lose.
  2. Create Life/Work Balance – The  notion of balancing work and play and escaping the busyness of it all is a reality we all strive to fulfill in our own lives. By setting out on a workcation, you are forced into personal exploration which opens up some of the creative genius. The cortisol built up from your daily life falls away when taking time to parasail in Guatemala or swim in the beaches of California.
  3. Learning to Work SMART – It is Murphy’s law that a task will consume the amount of time allotted (or typically more). The best way to get things done more efficiently is to have a prioritized list and a set end point (schedule an activity for mid afternoon, for example). Also, because you may not be in the same time zone as your team or just due to limited hours, you get creative on how things can be done differently; more efficiently in the business. Either you miraculously find the time, or you get creative on outsourcing the task to someone else on the team (or on Fiverr) who can do it better if it is not a task that God loved you into existence to do.
  4. Change Routine – Routine is powerful as it allows you to do the things you wouldn’t be able to accomplish without the routine. For instance, a morning routine programs our minds and bodies to be the best version of ourselves for the world that day.. Although, sometimes it is necessary to break the routine to see things differently and to walk into the ambiguity of it all. If it causes discomfort, this is a good thing. It once again forces a creative outlook on what needs changing in life to live in a higher expression. Some of us are so damn disciplined we fall into a trap of doing something for the sake of doing something, which can include pieces of your morning routine that are no longer serving you but you continue to do them anyways because you feel you “should” be doing it.


Those 4 reasons were the rationale that allowed me to get a company workcation booked.

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In my opinion, there are 2 types of workcations.

A.) Working remotely with phone and laptop/scheduled meetings in other cities and countries.

B) Continued education/seminar in other cities/countries.

I chose the latter to see what kind of value and outside perspective we can breath into Full Circle.

After you decide whether to book a seminar, meet with a potential client or JV, or just decide to get away to work and play, it is time to plan.

I noted some of the pre-workcation planning along with some of the top lessons from my time at the RockStar Marketing Bootcamp in LA this past weekend.


  • Have a very detailed outline of what you want to get out of your time. If you Iddare there to work, then have a list of MUSTS that need to be accomplished while away. This is a great opportunity for creative writing or annual planning. If you are there for a seminar, then note who you want to meet and what you wish to accomplish. You cannot achieve a goal that is not defined. See mine below
  • business coaching


  • Prep the team. Make sure there is ample notice (1-3 months out) before heading out so you can organize with the team. Ensure time zones won’t be an issue, and communicate what times of day you will be available for email and phone meetings.
  • Do not overcommit- if anything do the opposite. You will accomplish less than you think due to wifi issues, outlet availability, planned activities and the unforeseen. Commit to a healthy amount but prioritize the most important tasks and do those first. By being organized with your list, you can maximize the “useless” time spent in taxi’s, buses, airplanes and airports.
    • We use Google Drive to create and store our documents. This is recommended for many reasons, one of which being the offline capabilities. By downloading Google Docs to your phone/tablet/computer, you just opened up hours of available work you can accomplish. Best part is that the document will automatically sync online when you’re connected to the online world again.
  • I recommend travelling with someone that pushes your limits– Travelling solo is amazing for growth and meeting people, although I have found travelling with one person who pushes the limits will change the scene and open you up to experiences that induce internal change. Again, allowing you to see things differently and unlocking the creative genius.
  • Lastly, ASK FOR UPGRADES. This is amazingly easy and very few people actually do this. Just by asking (and perhaps gentle flirting), we earned a free room upgrade that would have been an extra $2,000 on the credit card bill. This upgrade got us free wifi (saving another $100 for the week) and access to the executive lounge (including all day coffee/fruit and free breakfast and hors d’oeuvres, saving us about another $90 on the week). We then got upgraded on the plane home again just by asking.

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Finally, there are 3 genius tips by Noah Kagan for taking a workcation listed below:



Before you book a place, ask to get a screenshot from This is specifically for outside of North America..


Before you leave on your workcation, create a list of all the foreseeable deadlines and authority decisions your team requires of you, assuming they have no way of reaching you while you’re gone. This forces you to REALLY prioritize rather than simply making a giant to-do list.Then see if you can do that work yourself or find someone on your team or on Upwork to delegate that work to before you leave.


Find a local who can show you the best spots, restaurants and places to work while away. With Facebook you can search friends that live in X country or friends of friends who live in X country. This makes it easy to find people. You can also search geographies in LinkedIn. Ask people that used to live there for referrals too.

If you’re looking to explore the city and live like a local, try Couchsurfing! It’s a great way to save money and meet locals who can help you navigate the city. We spent a weekend Couchsurfing in Toronto back in 2012. From oysters, fine coffees, nightclubs and historic sites, our host went above and beyond the call of duty to show us a great time (and it was free).

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Good luck with your adventure!

Guest Written by: Mike Tielemans – Full Circle Operations

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