How I Made Thousands of Dollars While on The Beach

How To Create Systems In Your Business

I was to make money on the beach

I had a thriving practice, I had a beautiful familly, I had more happy members in my practice than I ever expected and some really fantastic mentors along the way. Yet, I was stuck. WHATTT? How was that possible? How do i get out of this?

See my highest core value is FREEDOM. When I first defined success for myself, I had forecasted a thriving practice where I get the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of community members with my talents, while raising 5 beautiful daughters and a happy wife. That is what I intended for myself and that is exactly what I created. Yet, soon I become mentally unfocused and deflated. I needed recharge and was AFRAID to leave the practice, even for just a week.


This was a huge lesson in systems for me. I knew that this moment that growth in business is key, but without having the systems in place, the foundation for the practice is weakened. I needed to create a way for me to leave practice for weeks at a time and explore the world with my aging family. So I set out to systemize the entire practice from open to close, from marketing calendars to follow ups and everything in between.

Soon I found myself taking weeks of holidays each year around the beaches of the world while having thousands of dollars of income while I was away, ANDhappy practice members. This was my new definition of success and has been a major piece of my business ever since.

Watch me explain in the video below:


The key to a reproducible practice is having systems in place that can stand the test of time. The first step to creating systems in your business is by reading this guide.

Find out the difference between those who seem to “have it all” and those who struggle.
  • The secret to taking 10-12 weeks holidays per year
  • How to work 25 hour work-weeks, and still be increasingly profitable
  • Give your family the attention they deserve
  • Rekindle your passion for your business by FINALLY being in control of it
You’ll be inspired by the amazing results Dr. Tom has created for himself, and how you can get there too.

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