The Highest Level of Chiropractic Team & Patient Leadership

Want to eat first? Put on the Alpha Dog pants!

Are you looking to improve your leadership skills?

Do you want to be the best of the best leaders?

We’ve been focusing on the different mechanisms or styles of leadership communication that are necessary to lead people through the different phases of relationships.

Dictatorial or Military Leadership:
Required in the early phases of relationships

Leadership by Example Principles:
Steps 1-5
Steps 6-10

In this video we’re going to talk about the pinnacle of leadership which is often referred to as Alpha or Samurai leadership!

Alpha or Samurai leadership can really be summarized as a “State Of Being”. These are people who live their lives in such states of excellence that other people just naturally want to be around them.

They’re magnetic.
They’re charismatic.
They’re humble.

This can be seen in all types of life and nature. In wolf packs, it is referred to as the alpha dog. If that alpha is killed, there is no discussion on who the next alpha dog will be, they just know.

Why? Because they’re the ones that exhibit alpha characteristics.

This was the same in samurai culture as well. When the leader with the sword was killed, the next leader just gracefully and gratefully picked up the sword with no discussion. Everyone would rally around to help them transition.

These Alpha people are those who live their lives so well that you wonder whether they are playing or working because to them – they’re always doing both.

It is a state of being.

They’ve worked diligently on who they are and they know how to lead. They’ve cleaned up most of the crap that we all deal with that is stopping us from being the best type of leader we can be.

There are many people who get to this level of leadership like Abraham Lincoln or Winston Churchill. Gandhi also achieved this status as he exhibited the greatest traits of Moral Leadership and people followed.

Investing the time to deal with your crap and become that quiet and powerful leader will result in you getting a whole lot more done in a whole lot less time.

People are magnetized by those who glow with energy and light. Many times these leaders become bigger than they actually are through this magnetism.

It’s like they become legends but not from a place of ego. A major aspect of being an Alpha leader is humility. These people don’t ask for these types of positions most of the time. They just feel compelled from within to live their lives of so much excellence that they just exude this energy.

This makes people want to be apart of these leaders’ mission, apart of their journey.

Once again we have covered the three styles of leadership. Dictatorial or Military style for the early phases of the relationship. As you move through into a more voluntary style it’s time for a strong Moral Leadership and we encourage you to go back to those ten aspects and work through them. When you get to the highest level of Moral Leadership that is when you become an Alpha Leader.

It is not a democratic process, it’s a state of being. It’s a way to live your life with such excellence, humility, and enthusiasm that people are magnetized to you.

You’ve got an important mission to accomplish on this planet.

Energy can’t be created, it can only change forms. As you grow, I grow. That’s the beauty of energy.

Please become the best leader you can be during the different phases. As you grow, we all will grow in the process.

– – –

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