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Let me guess.


You see posts all over Facebook and LinkedIn groups that you belong to, and docs all over the place are starting to really “get it” as they’re attracting new patients online.


Maybe you’re one of these docs, maybe you’ve tried seemingly everything and nothing works for you, or maybe you’ve tried none of it because it’s too expensive / it doesn’t work for your city / or you don’t know what to do to even get started.


WELL, what I want to do today is to make sure you have a SIMPLE plan of attack to start showing up in front of the right people in your community.


Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.45.03 AM

Here’s the simple framework:


  1. Educate the audience
  2. Add a dash of credibility
  3. Tell them what to do


I’ve created an infographic to show you how it breaks down…


Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.51.18 AM


Step 1: Educate


This is best accomplished with Facebook video since the majority of your community doesn’t actually know you, like you or trust you. Yet.


Your community likely interprets a chiropractor’s job as someone who cracks bones to relieve back pain.


If that’s also your interpretation, then it’s fine to create videos that support this notion.


If you’re the kind of chiropractor who believes there is so much more to the chiropractic adjustment, and you’ve witnessed miracles in your practice, than I challenge you to…


Make a list of all the “miracles” of chiropractic.


This is designed to get the ball rolling with content ideas, but ALSO designed to inspire you to see how important the work you do truly is.


It’s not a bad idea to look at this with the team everyday to inspire everyone to make a bigger impact in your community.


Hire someone from your local college to film and edit your videos.


This has been a game changer of some of the videos produced at Full Circle. When someone else takes care of all the details that block you from taking action, you have no choice but to show up and share your brilliance.


If you want more details on how to take videos for your chiropractic marketing, check out this article.


Each week, post a new video.


You’re going to want to upload this video to your facebook timeline and tease the audience with the text in the post that lets them know why they NEED to listen up.

Hint: Get over your complex about this.

It’s YOUR job to convince those who need you to listen to this video.


Then boost this video post to everyone 25+ or 30+ in your community. Put $5 or $10 per day to boosting this video post to those within 10 miles of your zip/postal code.


Don’t stop there! Get your CA to upload to all of your social profiles:


  • Youtube channel (good way to stand out for local keywords)
  • LinkedIn profile status update AND article post
  • Twitter post
  • Put it on your blog
  • Share it on Medium


Then check every day or two to see if people are commenting on your videos. Delegate specific, rhythmic time for this in your calendar so you don’t get sucked into the Facebook vacuum!


If you’re doing educational videos like “stretching for sciatica relief” than you may see people asking specific questions. Don’t be shy and let them know that if they have any questions to call your office number to book a free consultation.


Step 2: A Pinch Of Credibility


Being the local doctor sharing tips to manage pain relief is a good way to stand out as a credible figure in the community.


However, in 2017 people are looking for more.


When people are looking to do their “due diligence” on you, they want to see that you’re someone others have worked with successfully. Nobody wants to be the first one trusting this local “guru”.


The problem is, even if you’ve been in business for 20 years but you’ve done no online promotion… you still look like the new kid on the block.


What they want to see is…


  1. Facebook fans
  2. Reviews


It’s crazy that people these days think that the number of fans you have on facebook is a DIRECT reflection of your skills as a doctor,


But unfortunately… that’s exactly what’s happening out there today.


Read this article to see how you can look more credible on Facebook.


As for reviews, people want to see what others have to say about you. People who have come before them.


The service we use for helping chiropractors get more Google, Facebook, RateMDs reviews is here.


Reviews are a great asset to show others how you can help them, based on how you’ve helped others. It’s the perfect third party endorsement that sells FOR you.


Our own Coach Jay gets calls from new patients every month, sometimes only because he has 100+ Google reviews.


Here’s proof:


Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.53.11 AM


These credibility pieces are to prove to those who want to take action with chiropractic services that you’re the best choice for them.


You don’t want to spend your money educating them why they should get chiropractic, just for them to google “Chiropractor + city” and find your competitor.


Which is why we take care of this issue with step #3…


Step 3: Tell Them What To Do


People are lazy.


We ALL have SO much to do that if we have to think about things that are not on our list of things to think about… we de-prioritize it until we HAVE to do it.


How many people come into your practice with back pain after experiencing these symptoms for only a day or two?


…. Okay so how many people come into your practice with back pain after experiencing these symptoms for months or YEARS?




Now if you had a simple path you to bring in those who watched your video on “stretching for sciatica relief”, they wouldn’t have to think… they would just end up in your office to deal with it!

This is best case scenario, but we find those who promote GREAT videos to their community and get GREAT engagement on these videos still get very little new patients from this.


That’s because the video watcher doesn’t know what to do. Sure they could find the company’s phone number after 3 minutes of searching, but we’ve seen that this doesn’t happen!


People would rather suffer than deal with it.


But what if someone who watched a video on “stretching for sciatica relief” then saw the same chiropractor on their Facebook newsfeed with an offer for a discounted offer to take action.


All they had to do is click the link while they mindlessly scroll under their covers and they’re taken to page that shows them a way they can deal with their problems for a fraction of the typical price while never having had to leave their bed!


With a couple clicks and a few questions answered, they could finally do something about their problem.


This is why you want to make sure you have a dedicated follow up Call-To-Action for each video you have. (email or phone number is best)


If you have a few videos on back pain, you retarget this audience to a back pain exam promotion.


If you have a few videos on headaches and why they can occur or what alternative medicine can help with migraines, then you want to retarget them with a headache exam promotion.


Same goes for every style of video you create.


It’s ALL about consistency and congruency. Use the same images and the same languaging across the video, the ad, and the retargeted landing page.


Let me close this with an example.


Imagine you had “lose weight” or “join an exercise class” as a part of your New Year’s Resolutions.


You hadn’t done anything about it yet, but you were scrolling Facebook in bed one January evening and saw a $19 promotion for a week’s pass at a local gym with group kickboxing and zumba classes.


Aha, solution!


You click the ad and you only have to give a name and email to get this sweet deal… You’re in!


The following day the gym calls you and you’re scheduled to show up for your first free class. Look at you, making progress on your resolutions before January expires. Feeling like a real winner.


Your free week is over soon enough and you’re hooked. You sign up for the next month to prove to yourself that you can stick to this goal and start on that beach body before June.


… that’s how this could go for your practice as well.


You just need to remember that most people don’t know how many benefits chiropractic has, so your job is to keep educating the community.


If you need help with any of these details, our marketing dept. is offering a free link to a strategy call so you can bypass their $5/minute rate. Just click here to book your free chiropractic marketing strategy call.


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