“Flirting With Destiny” Relationship Advice with Stephan Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere and I ran a webinar together called Flirting With Destiny that was all about relationships – how you enter them, how you handle them, and most importantly the relationship with ourselves.

We wanted to give you a chance to improve your relationships on all levels by attaching the replay on this page. There were comments on the chat bar that revealed how much the participants valued this seemingly rare information.

Give the gift of Love & Presence to all those you interact with by listening and implementing the tips on this live recording.

Here is the Flirting With Destiny replay for your viewing pleasure:

“Flirting With Destiny”

Flirting With Destiny

If you know someone who could benefit from more Love and Life in their world and learn how to both Give and Receive more love, then do them a favour and pass this page on to them or send them here.

Ps. We had a couple hot offers made available at the end of this call.

At Full Circle we were offering a signicant discount on our Awakening Your Authentic Self & the Partnership Retreat. The best way to fully Give and Receive LOVE is knowing who you are and what you want in life. This area of the Awakening Your Authentic Self Retreat is perfect in discovering that piece of you that you have been out of touch with. The Partnership Retreat helps you understand how you desire to be loved as well as give love. When you and your partner are both clear about how to give and receive love between each other, relationships blossom 100 fold!
Check it out here.

Stephan Labossiere also made a HOT offer at the end of our time together where he was offering his 4 week group coaching program seats at only $197 each. If this sounds appealing to you go ahead and get yours here or contact Stephan at contact@stephanspeaks.com.

Enjoy the webinar!

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