Emulation Without Duplication

This is a topic that seems to have risen to the surface recently with several of my one on one coaching clients and I wanted to share it with you my dear readers!

If you have followed the tribe in recent months/years you know that one of my coaching mantras is …




I would even add to that “there is a right way for you at this particular moment in time and at this particular resonant vibration that you are oscillating it!”

Your vibration WILL change over time and the way you practice will change and shift as well ………. Or at least it should if you want to keep it growing and evolving with you!

The question you may ask then is..

“How do you mentor and coach someone and share with them ideas and ways of doing things that worked for you when it appears on the surface it would be almost impossible to do that without contradicting the statement made above?”


Emulate is defined in Webster’s dictionary as “imitate with effort to equal or surpass!” Duplication is defined as “exactly like or corresponding to something else” or “anything corresponding in all respects to something else!”

I contend that it is a huge error in judgment to try and duplicate what someone else did or is doing! It does not honor your individuality, uniqueness and authentic expression.

From a quantum physics standpoint the vibration of the person who has created the successful life or business that you are trying to duplicate is not your vibration and therefore the things that they did or are doing that work for them may not work for anyone you!

As a coach this is one of the most important things I have to guard against as I share ideas about different ways of doing things in the world ………particularly the way I choose to do things in the world ……. And yet ensuring that they FIT the person I am coaching and are not just a duplication of someone else’s way of being in the world!

That is not to say that you need to “re-create the wheel” and that everything you attempt to integrate into your life has to be done from a new and fresh perspective! There have been many times in my own life where I have borrowed ideas and systems and ways of doing things from friends and mentors and they have been a great fit and I am still using them today!

However, having said that, I believe you can appreciate the difference between borrowing some ideas and “trying them on” and DUPLICATING everything that someone else does.

In contrast, to EMULATE someone is to borrow some of their ideas or systems and imitate … to some degree … these ideas or systems with the whole idea of “trying them on” to see if they fit so you can integrate them into your wardrobe! To continue with the shopping analogy, if they don’t fit then you simply put them back on the rack and move on looking for items that do fit!

People that are not aware of who they really are and what their authentic and genuine expression is may not recognize when something fits or not!

They are commonly moving through life frustrated by their lack of results and the constant uphill struggle that is their life! They don’t realize it is because they are “wearing clothes that don’t fit” (to stay with the analogy) because they duplicated someone or something instead of emulating them!

This is one area where the help of a skilled coach can really be of tremendous value as recognizing these “poor fitting clothes” that don’t fit who you are and helping you discard them and find new ones that fit you is one of the most important things I do!

If you would like some help with your life’s wardrobe (I just couldn’t resist continuing to use the metaphor) or know someone that does then please contact us at drtom@drtompreston.com and we can set up a time to see whether your wardrobe needs a makeover or not (grin)!

Remember to emulate, not duplicate!

We would love to hear your thoughts and challenges to this philosophy in the comments below.

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