We have an average ROI (Return on Investment) of 347% in Year One of our Coaching Programs

What does this mean to you?

We commonly coach entrepreneurs who wish to double their income, grow their client base, or just take an extra day off per week to spend time with their growing family. We have seen up to an extra $100,000 being made in the first year of coaching, what ever you goal and metric might be, we can forecast a 347% return on your investment.


Business & Chiropractic Coaching

Three months ago‎ Coach Tom invited me and a small select group of integration clients to a mastermind event he facilitated.czubak Since that incredible, focused and pivotal one day session, my practice has increased billings in the 20% range. Interestingly, my office is an established mature 20 year practice. I would encourage anyone sitting back to jump at the next chance Coach Tom offers a mastermind session. The gains you will see, consistent with your values, will be very significant. Highly recommended.

Dr. Mark Czubak
Smith Falls Family Chiropractic

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Dr. AJ Pacis

“Coaching with Full Circle for the past 18 months with our business team has been the best decision we have made in 14 years of practice. We all developed as people by working through things in our past that were limiting our business. tara-priceBy gaining clarity on our purpose and values both personally and professionally we are able to make better decisions and set goals with confidence.
Having a team to support us and keep us accountable moved our business to the next level. As we wrap up our 18 month contract we reflect on our 37% growth in our business, better relationships with our partners and team, implementation of new systems to run a more efficient clinic, financial plan and goals set out for life/business, improved family life and relationship with spouse, more time off with no dip in billings, making dreams a reality – trip to Disney ☺ and developed wonderful relationships with the coaches of full circle that will continue in the years to come.  ROI- PRICELESS!”

Dr. Tara Price
Price Chiropractic & Fitness

Hi Tom, great call today.

A quick testimonial for putting pen to paper for achieving goals and dreams.

During the summer of 2002, one of the (group coaching) exercises asked us to create a list of what our ideal practise location would look like. We rented a cottage on lake Huron for a week, where I remember creating this wish list. Like other exercises, I found this one to be fun, and maybe slightly useful in an abstract way. I put the list into a binder of other exercises, which is now a jammed full two-inch binder, the type that you need lots of hand strength to open. I had since forgotten about the list, and the exercise.shawn-martin

Two weeks ago, while preparing for a goal setting meeting, I came across the list. In that instant, I understood the true purpose of that and many other exercises. I was overwhelmed by the sight of my own handwriting. I had created a list of 30 features that my ideal practise would have. They were very specific details, such as a “kid nook with a half wall”, pot lighting, eye catching front desk, even “no outdoor shoes in office”.

Of that list of 30 features, the office that we moved into 2 months ago included 27 features, in the precise description that I had given. That was the greatest affirmation in my life that there is wisdom in these success tools.

Thank you Tom for your guidance on this journey“

Shawn Martin

carol“Tom Preston is such an amazing and insightful coach, who has a knack for honing in on helping you develop into the person you most want to become, or rather expressing your authentic self. This leads to growth not only in your personal relationships but also in business. I was always concerned about the investment it was going to require, but the results you can achieve go far beyond that. By investing in yourself you can become a happier person, which has positive influence on all aspects of your life. Take the plunge and invest in Tom as your coach and you won’t regret it. Thanks Tom!”

Carol Reddin
Minoru Chiropractic

alison“Before working with Tom I had just spent my first year struggling in practice and life.  I was still coming up way short with my bills and having to borrow more money to survive.  I was in a dark place mentally and emotionally and afraid that I may never find my way out.

Through Tom’s integrity, compassion, certainty and belief in me, in combination with his vision based coaching I was able to see outside of my current situation and look too my dreams where my passion and self-expression were hiding.

Tom is helping me reconnect to my purpose and personal power by releasing the incongruencies in my life and focusing on my vision and goals.

In the nine months that we have been working together my practice has trippled in size and I am getting back on my feet financially.”

Allison Barriscale
Barriscale Health Centre

Chiropractic Assistant Coaching

“Like many of my colleagues, life is busy and full. I love being with my practice members helping impact their health and also having quality time with my family and time for community service. But when it is time to bring on a new team member, the hiring and training processes are not my favourite duties.

Recently I hired a new Chiropractic Assistant and immediately enlisted the help of Full Circle’s CA Coaches, Shazia and Bobbi, to help my new assistant get started quickly and successfully.

The CA wears many hats in the office and I found the training to be comprehensive . The weekly calls and homework kept both the CA and myself focused and moving forward in the training process. As well, the trainings brought up good questions and conversations that have helped my CA and I enhance/solidify our relationship.

Thanks Dr.Tom, Shazia and Bobbi for getting us started.
This will be a banner year!

Dr. Catherine Straus

Chiropractic Practice Appraisals

“I had the pleasure of working with Full-Circle coaching in order to obtain an accurate market value assessment for my clinic. The staff was extremely professional and helpful and was able to provide me with an accurate assessment in a very reasonable period of time. I would definitely recommend their services.”

Dr. KZ
Dr. KZ, Ontario

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you and your team for doing such a thorough review of Westheights Chiropractic. This valuation was much more in depth and easier to understand than the valuation done by SRJ accountants. The team was a great help with answering any questions I had in regards to the valuation.

I’m very excited to get this process rolling.”

Dr. Ryan Rullitis

“Tremendous Value!

I appreciated the attention to timelines and the diligence in following through on expectations.”

Dr. Chris Garwah

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