Couples Retreat, Northern Ontario

Learn how to love and be loved, quite possibly for the first time.

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What People Are Saying About Our Couples Retreat

Jay and Christina saved marriage at couples retreat

Jay and Christina Breitlow

"We almost did not make it as a couple. 

We came to the retreat and got over our crap with ourselves which saved our relationship, and got married weeks after the retreat. 

Bring your problems here and let Tom facilitate, you will be SO happy you did."

Trevor's experience at the Ontario based Couples Retreat

Trevor Darnell

"This is my second Retreat and I am so deeply grateful for this incredible experience.

I am so much more on purpose and full of gratitude and I am going to accomplish an incredible amount of work on my relationships. I am so much more in line with my core values now that I can't explain it.

I'm so deeply in love with myself and the people I connected to this weekend and I'm just so grateful for this experience and I'm going to take this with me forever and ever."

Jami and Darren reconnected at couples retreat in ontario

Jami and Darren Schierman

"We came out to this beautiful place to reconnect and strengthen our marriage, but we were surprised at what we found here. We found a lot of love for each other, and we know that connection is strong.

It was nice to get the help of other people to show us how to love. Your space is held really well here, you're protected, and there's a lot of love here.

I've been here once before and each time is a powerful experience. I recommend this to couples who are anywhere from struggling to already thriving. It's just going to improve where you're going. 

Thank you Tom and the rest of the crew."

Nathen and Venessa's experience at couples retreat

Nathen Legat and Vanessa Smorodin

"For us, we came here to find ourselves, and what we ended up finding was an amazing experience and a bunch of people that we basically fell in love with overnight.

It's been an incredible experience.

We expanded the spirit and opened up endless possibility.

It's a truly exhilierating and enduring experience and I would recommend it to anyone."

Where Is Retreat Held?

We meet in North Bay, Ontario on the first evening of Retreat. 

You'll get into North Bay and stay in a hotel so we have everyone in one easy location to start the festivities bright and early.

For a quick glance, feel free to check the map of our first meeting location:

When Is The Next Retreat?

2018 Dates - To Be Determined 

We start bright and early on Friday morning, so it's mandatory that you're in North Bay on Thursday evening. We cannot start the program until everyone is together.

Couples Retreat will conclude mid-afternoon, giving ample time for the attendees to drive to the North Bay airport, Toronto airport, or drive back home. 

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What's Included In Retreat?

Lodging: Your sleeping arrangements are taken care of for the duration of your stay (with the exception of the hotel room Thursday night).

Food: All meals are provided (please let us know if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions in advance).

Travel: Organized transportation within the Retreat time frame (Friday through Sunday). Transportation to North Bay, ON and back home is not covered.

Other: All homework and exercises, as well as the tools needed to complete them will be provided. No need to bring a computer.

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