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These Days You Can’t Just Negotiate A Price…

Almost every major bank requires a professional appraisal by an Industry Professional like
Full Circle’s Chiropractic Practice Valuation.

Find out why Dr. Tom and Full Circle have the most trusted chiropractic practice valuation formulation on the market:

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What is it?

Dr. Tom has been coaching Chiropractor’s for almost 20 years now, helping them grow their practice and express their true authentic selves to the world in a bigger way.

There was one particular interest his chiropractic clients had that kept arising. They were planning their exit strategy 3/5/10 years from now and wanted to know what their practice was actually worth on the open market today.

After helping several chiropractic clients with this process, and creating a template to collect all the appropriate data needed, Dr. Tom has created a highly successful system for calculating an accurate worth of a chiropractic practice.

Every valuation we have ever done, we are able to give the business owner at least one recommendation from the sellability factor that can increase the value of their practice anywhere from $1000-$10,000. 

The insight gained from this valuation helps the business owner get a snapshot of the effectiveness from the practice, and able to see the leaks and flaws that are occurring, which are preventing them from automation and causing them to work longer hours. Not to mention, these doctors are being underpaid for their service due to hidden factors that we find.

What Does The Valuation Include?

We don’t take this process lightly. Our process for this is so accurate because all data goes into consideration.

Your appraisal includes:

  • An assessment of your assets and their depreciation 
  • A value of your inventory and current accounts receivable
  • A calculation of your profit margin, overhead, PVA, and overall income which can heavily affect your margins.
  • The percentage of reproducibility of your successful practice
  • The value and “stickiness” of your team
  • The effectiveness of your systems
  • An accurate value for the goodwill of the practice
  • PLUS certain amplifiers that creates a more accurate value (and usually leaves you with a higher selling price)!
  • Hand-hold you the entire way through this process 
  • A review call to explain your Selling Price, how we arrived at that number, and what you can do today to increase the value before you sell 


All these things go into a calculation to produce what we call…

Reproducible Profitability

The final number we provide is the most accurate market value we are aware of in this profession.

What This Valuation is Not?

What This Valuation Is NOT:

The myths around rules of thumb like 1.5x net and 70% of gross JUST DO NOT WORK and are not accurate. You will either over value your practice and price it too high OR underprice it and miss out on some of the valuable equity you have built into the business. WE DO NOT USE RULES OF THUMB!  

Financial advisors, lawyers, and other “gurus” claim to know how to do this process for youbut lets be honest …….. only another chiropractor can truly understand all of the intricacies of a chiropractic practice.

With our 95-98% accuracy rate, we truly are your most trusted valuation!

By getting the financials, the data, and all the statistics of your practice on the table we can get a clearly defined picture of the state of your practice. This means you can see EXACTLY what you need to do to increase your selling price, which tends to increase monthly revenues as well.
Real Case Study Example: a 2% decrease in Overhead increased selling price by over $3000.

Here's exactly what you'll get in our Chiropractic Practice Valuation:

The Process Explained:

  1. After completing your down payment by clicking the big yellow button below, we create your personal copy of the intro forms to begin gathering the data
  2. These documents are shared between you and Full Circle as you begin to fill them out
  3. Once you get all your practice data entered into the document, we begin to analyze the financial statements
  4. Once all the data is collected from the doc, we review all the numbers and begin calculations
  5. Full Circle calculates the total valuation of the practice and sends you a PDF copy of the “Letter of Opinion” with the summaries
  6. We then schedule a 20 min call to educate you on how we got this calculation and where you can make improvements in the practice before you sell
  7. Finally, the remaining 60% of the investment is paid to Full Circle 

Get Your Practice Valued Now For


$300 off the regular price right now! 

We can begin today by clicking the button below to put 40% down, and your forms will be sent within 24 hours along with your welcome instructions!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the process take?
About 3-4 weeks total. It usually takes the client 2 weeks to acquire all the data we require. Once we have everything we need, it takes 1-2 weeks on our end (depending on the accuracy of the information we receive).

Does the Practice Valuation include everything the bank requires?
We have been working with major Canadian banks for years and have built a mutual trust. Our appraisal stands up in the financial negotiations, providing maximum value for all parties. Full Circle is on BMO’s trusted supplier list for chiropractic valuations.

Who pays for the valuation, the buyer or the seller?
Typically when someone is thinking of selling their practice, they reach out to us for a practice valuation. However, we’ve had two parties in negotiation that agreed to split the fees between the buyer and seller.

How does the payment process work?
We only require 40% of the investment up front. That can be processed by credit card online (by clicking the big yellow button above), by credit card via a signed agreement faxed/scanned in, a certified cheque and signed agreement in the mail, or by Interac email transfer. Once you’re satisfied and we’ve had the final conversation when we go through the data with you, that’s when we will process your credit card for the remainder of the investment.

Will my information remain confidential?
Yes, the only people with access to your data is yourself, my team and I. If anyone wants access to your financials, it would only be under the conditions that we are hired to sell your practice, and everyone must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we show them any data.

What happens after the valuation?
Once you know the reproducible profit number, you’re ready to put your practice on the market and you have a negotiation tool that the banks and lawyers will approve


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Alternatively, you can call us at +1-844-590-5787 to answer your questions over the phone!

Authentically Yours,

Dr. Tom Preston

This process takes many man hours and to do a thorough job that meets our high standards. If you are thinking of selling in the next 6-12 months we strongly encourage you to get started today!


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