Chiropractic Marketing Checklist: Filling The Room of Your Dinner Talks

Have a Challenge in Life or Practice that Requires a Coaching Call to Breakthrough? You could be one conversation away from the solution you need right now...

Run through this checklist before hosting a Chiropractic Dinner Talk to ensure you’re speaking to ensure you’re speaking to a “hungry crowd”:

  • The tips to picking the venue
  • What day of the week works best
  • The languaging behind your invitation
  • How to market your talk

Make sure you don’t find yourself talking to an empty restaurant

Our chiropractic coaches run these events VERY successfully and they want you to be able to attract new patients through this model as well.

Full Circle Chiropractic Coaching:

Dr. Tom’s marketing systems brought in between 40 and 50 new clients every month.

In fact there were times he had a waiting list of people waiting for an initial consultation up to 4 weeks out!

Dr. Tom’s systems allowed him to take 10-12 weeks of vacation per year so he could enjoy his wife and five daughters and not be a slave to his practice! (YOU CAN TOO)

Dr. Tom worked between 22 and 26 hours/week ….. only systems will allow this to happen without sacrificing patient care.

He enjoyed a very healthy 6 figure annual income and achieved his first financial goal of being personally debt free by age 35 (completely debt free by 40).

Many chiro’s are slaves to their practices because they do not teach ethical business systems in the chiropractic schools. Learn how to let systems run your practice so you serve more people, have more fun and enjoy the lifestyle you dreamed about when you were in chiropractic college.

Dr. Tom created one of the largest cash practices in Canada when he was in practice before starting his Chiropractic Coaching Company. He also did this in the small town of North Bay, Ontario!


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