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Run a Successful Chiropractic Business While Living a Lifestyle Authentically Designed by YOU!

Feeling Stuck?

You Weren’t Taught HOW to Create a Successful Practice at Chiropractic College.

We Lead Conscious Chiropractor’s Like You From Current Circumstance to your Authentic Definition of Success.

Dear Chiropractor’s,

You’re reading this because you’re not getting the results you want;


  1. You sacrifice precious family and social time for the business;
  2. The money you and your practice earns seems to pay everyone but yourself
  3. There’s too many holes in your calendar and you know you have more inside you to express to the world but you don’t know how to play bigger;
  4.  … because of these things, you’re not happy feeling like you’re living a life designed for someone else.

You are a workaholic

But it’s not your fault! You are motivated to succeed and you know it’s going to take hard work, long hours, and some elbow grease to get your practice out of the rut.

It’s time to stop the madness. You can’t expect the be doing the same thing and getting different/better results, because we all know that’s the definition of insanity.


“You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”



Enter, Dr. Tom Preston and his team of Authenticity Coaches; your ticket off the hamster wheel.

Tom had to make a choice when family became his highest value and he set out a certain set of philosophies. These principles made it so he was able to earn a 6 figure income while taking 10 weeks of vacation per year, and never missing a dance recital for each of his 5 daughters.

If you’re like many of our past and present clients, you are trapped in fear that:

  • that you are not living up to the potential you know is within you
  • you’re under-utilizing the systems needed to have the practice run without you
  • you are not able to spend enough time with your family and other passionate endeavours

The success of our clients is measured by the degree of their defined success being realized. This means we can’t promise you certain results, because everyone defines “success” differently.

However, here are a few examples of what we’ve helped chiropractor’s like you achieve:

  • a busy office full of happy patients willing to pay for an exceptional service
  • a sustainable practice that financially supports their desired lifestyle
  • able to spend time with family and friends (not have to miss important life events, dance recitals, soccer games, etc.)
  • fun, dynamic team that sees the vision and helps them achieve daily success
  • organized, stress free practice
  • more delegated tasks
  • more excitement at the start of each day and more fulfillment at the end of each day

“Before working with tom, I had just spent my first year struggling in practice and life. I was still coming up way short with my bills and having to borrow more money to survive.

Through Tom’s integrity, compassion, certainty and belief in me, in combination with his vision based based coaching, I was able to see outside of my current situation and look to my dreams where my passion and self-expression were hiding. 

In the nine months that we have been working together, my practice has tripled in size and I am getting back on my feet financially.

-Dr. Allison Barriscale



“Dr. Tom, you have been a great experience for me! You helped me recognize my core values. You have made me accountable to you and myself. You have led me to self growth personally and professionally.

Career: I have grown my practice to a higher level;

Mental: I am more certain, present, and happier;

Physical: I am in the best shape of my life;

Financial: I made an extra $100,000 in my first year of coaching.

Spiritual: I have more gratitude for God, for my life as it is, everyday that I awake.”

-Dr. Glen Johanson

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