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STOP Saying You’re “Too Busy” and CREATE More TIME For Yourself and Family

create more time for yourself

How many times have you sacrificed something you wanted to do because you were “too busy”. I know you’re busy running a business, taking care of your family, and trying to have a life… but I believe if you’re reading this then you KNOW you’re not always busy for the...

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Team Synergy: The 4 Keys to Building a Strong Team

Does your team have Synergy?   Do you work in an organization, a business, or team and find that the members don’t connect well?   Maybe you find that not everyone’s skills sets are being efficiently utilized. Or worse yet, you find that you leave every meeting feeling that...

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How to Attract and Recruit An Amazing Team

How to Attract and Recruit an amazing Team Pic of 2 hands putting together puzzle pieces

If you’re a one man/one woman show and you are overwhelmed with everything that needs doing in your clinic, you don’t have to do it alone! You aren’t a jack of all trades! You’re a chiropractor! You need to focus on your patients. So what’s the answer when there’s...

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SuperChiro Syndrome and How The Cape is Dragging You Down!

SuperChiro Syndrome and how the cape is dragging you down.

We all do it. We all have those moments where we micromanage everything and burn ourselves out. There are moments where life demands this, but we tend to forget there are others who can help us. And worse, we start to believe we are the only ones who can...

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How Lack of Belief In Your Ability Could be Holding You Back From the Life You Want

Two divergent pathways to choose from

I have yet to meet a single person who walks the planet who hasn’t hunched over at some point under the weight of the voices in their head that tells them “You are not enough”. Varying circumstances can create that negative inner voice but what’s worse is that we...

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