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There’s 3 Stages of Patient Communication, Are You Using Them All?

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There are 3 different stages of patient communication you should be using in your practice. Using these out of place, or taking one of them out of your arsenal is a great way to decrease patient retention. Watch the video below to see how many of these communication styles you’re currently using…...

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Turn Your Chiropractic Website Visitors Into New Patients With One Simple Step

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How many new patients do you get from your website per week? We have found that most chiropractors do not utilize their website to the potential that is possible because they just don’t understand how much potential is out there. Facebook is now used more by Gen X and...

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FREE Framework So Your Chiropractic Marketing Doesn’t Suck Next Year

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Let me guess.   You see posts all over Facebook and LinkedIn groups that you belong to, and docs all over the place are starting to really “get it” as they’re attracting new patients online.   Maybe you’re one of these docs, maybe you’ve tried seemingly everything and nothing...

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5 Ways to Get More Engagement on Your Lonely Facebook Page

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    Ahhh Facebook, the land of Candy Crush requests and cat videos.   It doesn’t seem to make sense to many of us that this social platform seemingly designed to share political memes can also be equally effective for attracting new patients to your practice.   So what...

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Chiropractic Assistant: So Much More Than Just a Receptionist!

Chiropractic Assistant: So Much More Than Just a Receptionist!

As a long time CA, there is nothing more frustrating than hearing about a DC who refers to their team members behind the desk as receptionists or secretaries. The lack of respect here is alarming. Not only for the CA wannabe, but the DC as well!   Does a...

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