A Key Success Factor is to Never Stop Learning

A series of Key Success Factors in Life and Business

“I am done taking tests FOREVER!!!” WOOHOO!!  If you are reading this, chances are good that you have said
never stop learning that at some point in time.   That day of celebration has come and gone when you had taken the last test that somebody, or some machine, validates and tells you “Pass or fail”. The reality is that when I first started into practice I realized right quick that my “last test” was way easier than what the school of hard knocks was about to teach me.

You see, I had this grand idea what I wanted to do with chiropractic, how I wanted to practice and where I wanted to live, fa la la la la… and then WHAM-O!  I was knocked on my ass and sent reeling.  Life had other ideas, other opportunities and even though I wasn’t ready to embrace it, it was coming.

You see, when I first started into practice in the USA, I started in a very busy office as an associate.  In school two years earlier, while all my friends had spent time learning and studying what it was like to be a small-business owner, I was out playing and riding my bike.  So instead of patiently learning how to run a business, I ended up as a whipping boy.

Not that the chiropractor I worked for was a bad guy – he just expected results that weren’t realistic.  So forced to drink from the fire hose, I learned right quick what it took to run a business and, unfortunately, how not to treat employees.  I learned from a toxic environment from somebody that wasn’t overly patient, or kind.  Wham-o!

It makes no difference if you are a chiropractor in practice, in a relationship with your partner, selling houses or building tables, there is one theme to all experiences: the tests in life never end.

Eventually as I began look back on my life I realized that I had ample opportunities to learn around every corner I took. As I look back I see that I always had two options: 1) I could take my, time peek around the corner and seek, or 2)blindly run straight ahead into oncoming traffic!  The analogy: take the time to slow down, look for signs of learning as they are all around us.

Life doesn’t need to be one forced learning experience after the next.  I urge you to help your children follow their bliss and learn about what they are most passionate about.  Encourage them to seek other experiences while in school that enhance their life. And for goodness sake, just because you don’t ever have to take another 45 minute multiple-choice test doesn’t mean you are going to stop learning.  The best learning’s in life are those that sought out.  The one’s you choose to learn AUTHENTICALLY because it is WHO you are.

 What I have learned as a client and coach at Full Circle is that energy management is of the highest importance!  When you organize your energy, often in the form of time management, you open up yourself to learning.  If you create, AND FOLLOW, an energy management tool, such as the dynamic time system (DTS), you can physicallysee that opportunities abound for you to create space to seek life’s great answers.  Trust me life is more authentic and easier when you greet it, not let it greet you!

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