6 Ways to Reboot Your Day

We’ve all been there. Despite our best intentions to simplify our lives with technology sometimes the technology fails. It locks up. It shuts down. It becomes selective in what it will allow you to see or do onscreen. Videos won’t play. Movies won’t download and that little rainbow wheel spins in what must be the universe’s cheeky way of mocking us and our feeble attempts to control and organize our lives in productivity.

Our blood pressure rises in frustration and we long for the days of paper and rotary phones. It’s amazing really, that we don’t see more technology tossed off balconies out of absolute frustration. We think the worst. The computer is dying. Must be a virus. Somebody did something wrong. But then something miraculous happens. Someone reminds us to reboot.

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We shut down and unplug the offending technology and count to 20. Something happens in that 20 that allows the computer to de-stress and reorganize. Like there is someone microscopic inside who is throwing his arms heavenward and exclaims –

“Finally! Enough space and time to clean this mess up!”

We turn it back on and the problems of before have *poof*, disappeared like magic. Sigh. Put head on desk and revel in the delightful gift of the reboot.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if it were like that for humans? I contend that it can be!

We all have those days where life feels out of control. The days where it feels like the only answer would be to go back to bed and have a do over, our very own version of the movie “Groundhog Day”. But really there are some simple things that are reminiscent of the above technology scenario that we humans can implement. And because we are human we often need someone to remind us to reboot ourselves.

There are the obvious and coveted ideas like a vacation (and preferably an extended one) but most of us can’t live our lives in perpetual vacation. So what are some things we can do to help reboot on those days where packing your bags is just not the practical option?

  1. Go back to bed! Perhaps a 20 minute catnap and the action of waking up and stretching and starting anew will be just the mental ticket to start the balance of the day fresh.
  2. Have a picture/painting/photograph that you can stare at and take some time to escape into. Your own little happy place.
  3. Write down 10 things you are grateful for. Nothing better to shift your mindset then remembering what you are grateful for in your life.
  4. Breathe! It’s amazing how many people forget this simple and easy thing that you’re technically already doing. When you stop and do it mindfully, taking 3 deep breaths in and out, drawing it deeper each time the body responds by dropping into a more relaxed state. If you have time, do it longer! In our busy world we forget to breathe deeply and at full capacity, and tend to breathe more shallowly. Breathing deeply, re-oxygenates the body and creates a new found energy to embrace the day.
  5. Meditate or pray. Using breath, or sitting quietly, allowing thoughts to drift like clouds, is a great way to reset. There are tonnes of great YouTube videos that can help facilitate meditation if you need help getting started. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 20, the benefits to meditation are endless.
  6. Go for a walk. Connecting with nature is a great way to reboot. Filling your visual field with green space, inhaling fresh air, exposing yourself to the sun and subsequent vitamin D are a great way to reconnect deeply with that inner space within yourself that needs soothing. If a hike or a walk isn’t practical due to time constraints, go find a tree to stand under or beside for 5 minutes and breathe. It’s amazing how much more grounded you’ll feel.

So next time you feel frazzled and overwhelmed take a lesson from the technology in our lives. Turn off, unplug and reboot. Life will certainly flow way more smoothly when you do!

Guest Written By Full Circle’s own: Bobbi Wright 

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