(cont’d) Your Next 5 Steps For Chiropractic Leadership Mastery

If you’ve been following this series then you know we’ve been covering the three styles of leadership that apply to people at different phases of relationships.

There’s dictatorial or military style which takes place in the early stages and then moves into moral or lead by example leadership in the voluntary phases.

In our most recent post we covered 5/10 components of the “moral” or “lead by example” style leadership and today we’re going to cover the remaining five!

Remember that this style of leadership was best exemplified by Gandhi!


6. Share The Emotions Of Your Dreams Not Just The Academics

You’ve probably heard people say that people tend to make decisions from their emotions and justify them through their intellect. There is neurology to prove this because the emotional part of the brain is in the limbic system which is also the decision-making centre.

If you’re talking from a left brain and analytical standpoint, that accesses the frontal cortex which is not where decisions are made. This is where things are analyzed and processed but the final decision is actually made in the midbrain particularly in the limbic system.

If you want people to follow you and be magnetized by your leadership then you have got to be willing to share your heart and soul. Speak to their limbic system. Speak to patients with passion! A great way to do this is with testimonials from your team members and patients.

Share successes and all of the amazing stories you can!


7. Always Have Time For Them

Warren Bennis, a famous leadership consultant says that “90% of the biggest leaders time is spent solving other people’s problems.”

If you’re going to solve the problem anyway (and when your team member comes knocking) make sure you have time for them!

This is often described as “Open Door Management” where you ensure you are open to their needs and giving them the extra time they need. You will be able to see the trust and commitment from them grow as your leadership skills improve.


8. Create A Dream That Is Big Enough To Dedicate Your Life’s Spirit To

Many people that we’ve coached over the years (particularly in the chiropractic field) are playing way too small. They’re minimizing their possibilities in their lives. They’re just not maximizing their abilities! Because of this they actually think they are burned out when in fact they are just bored.

As human beings, we have an inherent growth mechanism. We want to grow! If we’re stuck or stagnant it’s because we’re not willing to commit to greatness and play as big as we’re capable of… that’s when boredom sets in.

Boredom can look a lot like being burned out but the solution for the two problems are different.

When you create a dream that is big enough for your spirit that is when your magnetism will show!


9. Holding People Accountable For Their Commitments

Years ago one of my great mentors taught me that the best relationships in life have equal amounts of support and equal amounts challenge.

The only way you can have accountability is to have agreement. You need to get clear and create an outcomes assessment for what outcomes it is that your team members are responsible for achieving.

Don’t forget your clients: make sure they know how to be great patients. If you told them it’s important they follow their treatment schedule and they miss – hold them accountable! Ask them why, what’s wrong and if there’s a misunderstanding.

Weak leaders will shrug this off because they don’t want to be confrontational. Caring enough about people to give them tough-love is really what holding people accountable is all about.

(Don’t forget to hold yourself accountable too!)


10. Take Them & The Game Seriously

So many people go into a place of comfort in their life. People don’t realize it but when they get comfortable they actually go backward in their life.

Our lives are built on binary codes: you’re either growing or dying! There’s no such thing as coasting.

If you’re not playing big or taking the game seriously, I promise you neither are the people in your community, neither are your team members and neither are your clients.


Leadership is dynamic!

Knowing that there are at least three different ways to communicate and lead people in different phases of relationships is what we wanted to share with you.

Become a master of these 10 steps and an expert of moral leadership you will be able to be a magnetic leader and fulfill your life mission.

If you’re wondering or thinking you are someone who is in that bored or burned out phase please Take Our Quiz to find out whether you are bored out or burned out. We’ll help you get some solutions to your situation!

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