5 Golden Principles To Lead Your Chiropractic Team To Greatness

Are you achieving the results you desire with your leadership in your practice?

Are you walking the walk and talking the talk?

Are you setting a good example for your team members to emulate?

Today I’m revealing 5 secrets from Gandhi’s grave to build your practice!

If you’ve been following along with this series you’ll know we’ve been focusing on leadership and more specifically the three styles of communication that are optimally used in different phases of relationships.

We’ve already talked about military or dictatorial style leadership and how that’s very effective in the early phases of relationships with a patient or team member. However, if you use this style as the relationship evolves and becomes more voluntary, I promise you are pushing people away.

This is when you need to look to Moral Leadership or Leadership by Example which is commonly emulated by the great leader, Gandhi.

Today we’re going to cover 5 of the 10 aspects of moral leadership that are necessary to move you into that next phase of a relationship.

1. Leading By Example

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

If you want your team to work hard, you have to work hard.
If you want your team to be polite, you have to be polite.
If you want your team to be lifelong learners, you have to be a lifelong learner.

This is a simple concept but it not often properly executed. Look at places in your life where you feel you’re falling a little short by not leading by example. Then create a game plan to clean it up (work with a coach if you have one)!

When you see an employee under delivering, use that as a mirror and reflection of you and clean yourself up first.


2. Be Willing To Work Longer & Harder

The dominant energy in a business or practice always leads. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile or put in the time then neither are they. You have to be willing to be an example of excellence so they will want to as well.


3. Believe & Understand The Dream More Deeply

Many of us get stuck up in our heads! We often talk about life, our business, our mission from the left side of our brains.

Share that passion and that dream with your team! Be willing to engage in it and own it. Let it become a fabric of every part of your being.

If you’re not willing to believe in that dream and work diligently towards it, then it’s unlikely your team will buy into the bigger picture.


4. Never Abandon The People You Lead

I had an opportunity at one point in my practice where one of my team members had screwed up royally. There was a team member who was really heated at the front desk with 10 people in the room. This was an opportunity to really own my leadership abilities. I knew she had screwed up but all I said was “look I understand there’s been a problem here – we’re going to clean it up so just take a few deep breaths and I will call you tonight to discuss a plan.”

Never abandon the team! Especially in front of other team members or patients. Good relationships are built on trust. If you breach it or create a riff it’s almost impossible to put it back together.


5. Acknowledge Breakdowns When They Occur

Things are always going to get screwed up in life and business. When they do, acknowledge it and stand in the light of your creation.

You can’t leave a place you’ve never been! You can’t learn from an opportunity and grow unless you stand in the light of the fact that you’ve messed up.

Stand there.
Accept it.
Learn from it.
Move on.

The same thing is true with your team members! When screw-ups happen, make sure that you clean it up and give them the chance to learn from it.


Leadership is not stagnant.

It’s dynamic and always evolving.

In different phases of a relationship (clients or team members), you will need to learn how to communicate differently. Take ownership of this next phase of leadership and watch how the magnetism of who you are will draw people to you and follow you.




– – –

Good leaders know where they’re going.

They know what they want and have a plan to get there.

Do you feel like CLARITY on what it is you want and how to get there is what you need to be a better leader and a better business owner?

If so, download this free coaching template to help you craft your Success Roadmap:

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