5 Chiropractic Marketing Reactivation

Chiropractic Marketing – Reactivating Past Members

“Dear Friend,chiropractic marketing

I want to thank you for all the money you’ve pumped into my business over the years. We truly miss your contribution, so we are personally writing you a formal “we miss you” letter.

By the way, if you’re not experiencing physical pains yet from the lack of treatments you’ve been receiving, it’s only a matter of time.

Please come back.

Your trusted doc,


The example above is a blatant version of what we see in chiropractic as a reactivation letter for past members, although this one’s a bit of an over-exaggeration :). They tend to be written with business intent rather than helping the patient receive the benefits of chiropractic. That is, assuming the office follows through on their commitment to send them out in the first place.

One of my biggest coaching *opportunities* lies in the conditioned (yet irrational) fears that docs have around marketing and sales.

In the beautiful world we are striving to create, everyone will simply know they should be under chiropractic care, and marketing would be an expired word in the industry. We both know that we’re not there yet.

This is why I strongly encourage you to get over any feelings of anxiety related to asking for what you know to be a worthwhile cause – getting more people under your care.

There are two responses you will receive when sending a reactivation letter to your previous patient members:

  1. A confirmed “YES” from a few patients who just needed a reminder to how their life improves while being regularly adjusted.
  2. OR Silence.

Neither of the two options sound daunting to me, so let’s move forward with the intention of a successful reactivation launch.

**Click on the titles of each reactivation letter to download your template for use in your practice*

Reactivation Letter Style #1: New Years Promotion

99% of the people in your community are going to set a New Years Resolution. At least 87% of those will be health related. What better time to check in on those you know have already benefited and valued the experiences they had under your care! This is especially perfect if you have ancillary products and services related to weight loss and wellness.


Reactivation Letter Style #2: Health Benefits of Chiropractic

Many people see a chiropractor because of one major benefit we’ve been labelled for: back pain. They may have come in for the solution to physical pain, and never even had the chance to discover the other amazing benefits your service provides! This is where you have the chance to explain what other families are experiencing – more energy, focus, stronger immune system with less flu symptoms, etc.


Reactivation Letter Style #3: New Technology Offer

If your practice is introducing a new piece of technology to the office to increase and differentiate the results you provide, there’s no better way to let your community know then sending them a personal invitation to try it out!

This can work for new ancillary products and services as well!


Reactivation Letter Style #4: Coupon Offer

Coupons are a time tested method for getting people in the door. The beauty of this is in its flexibility; you can structure the coupon to be the most authentic version for your practice (but we encourage a bundle pack). Speaking of time tested methods, bundles are known to increase bottom line profits. Try it out for yourself and see!


Reactivation Letter Style #5: Having a Party

Everyone wants a reason to celebrate, and being part of a group, community, gathering, or party is one great way to get people to see what they’re missing. You want to play on the acronym “FOMO” – fear of missing out.Give them a reason to come back, even if it’s just that sense of community.

If none of these resonate with your flavour of practice, you can take the DeMartini way (one of his many business strategies) and simply pull a random file from previous patient members each week and think about them. Think about them coming back into your practice, and see if that works better for you.
Warning: this is not a scalable technique.

Feel free to download the 5 reactivation letter templates above, and let us know how they work for you! Remember, what gets measured gets managed. If you want to know how this really pulls against your other marketing methods, be sure to put our marketing planner to good use!

Let us know what letter you will start with and how it turns out for you!

Do you HATE selling?
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